How to Improve the Typing Speed of a Child

Having a good typing speed is a vital skill that is needed in this age of digital advancement. If you look at the job market these days computers reign supreme and efficiency is vital. Most employers out there want people who can type quickly and effectively. It can be said that recruiters tend to prefer people who can type really fast on a computer. This is why a parent that has taught a child typing should look for a way to teach the kid to master the art of typing speed. There are various ways that you can use to help your child master typing speed. We take a look at two the most efficient and effective ways to help a child improve his/her typing speed.
Introduce the child to typing games
This is one of the surest ways that you can get your child to learn how to type with speed in fun and easy way. There are games that you get online that are designed to help children increase their typing speed. Most of such online games have a click and start button where the kids can simply just click on the start button and begin. It is important to note that for a child to master the art of typing quickly and effectively, it takes time and practice. It is not usually a one-off activity but one that needs regular practice and exercises. The good thing with online typing games that are designed to help teach the kids to type faster is that that they help kids get familiarized with the position of the keys on the keyboard. This is something that greatly enhances the child’s ability to be able to type fast and effectively.
You can enroll your kid to a typing class
There are various typing classes where a parent can enroll a child in and most of them usually focus on teaching; typing speed, discipline and accuracy. Typing words at high speeds with utmost accuracy is not an easy thing to achieve even for an adult. Your child for instance may have the speed but not be good at being accurate and disciplined. Of course, this is something that needs not to worry you because any child out there is not born accurate or disciplined at typing. These are virtues that need to be taught and inculcated on the child. Because typing lessons for kids may not sound great for them, both the parent and the teacher should make the process fun and interesting for children.

One sure way that teachers that teach children speed typing need to do is to opt for programs that have bright colors, animations, and music. Children tend to be easily attracted to brightly colored images and interesting music or sounds. When the kids are taken to programs that have such images and sounds they easily adapt to the requirement of such programs. When this happens kids easily and steadily master the art of typing without any problem. 

Through my Father's Eyes, Book Review

Through My Father's Eyes by Franklin Graham 

Many have written about Billy Graham, the evangelist. This is the first book about Billy Graham, the father, written from the perspective of a son who knew him best.
As a beloved evangelist and a respected man of God, Billy Graham’s stated purpose in life never wavered: to help people find a personal relationship with God through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This was a calling that only increased over time, and Billy embraced it fully throughout his active ministry and beyond. Yet Billy pursued his life’s work, as many men do, amid a similarly significant calling to be a loving husband and father.
While most people knew Billy Graham as America’s Pastor, Franklin Graham knew him in a different way, as a Dad. And while present and future generations will come to their own conclusions about Billy Graham and the legacy that his commitment to Christ has left behind, no one can speak more insightfully or authoritatively on that subject than a son who grew up in the shadow of his father’s life and the examples of his father’s love. This vulnerable book is a look at both Billy Graham the evangelist and Billy Graham the father, and the impact he had on a son who walked in his father’s steps while also becoming his own man, leading ministries around the world, all of it based on the foundational lessons his father taught him.
“My father left behind a testimony to God,” says Franklin, “a legacy not buried in a grave but still pointing people to a heaven-bound destiny. The Lord will say to my father, and to all who served Him obediently, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ (Matthew 25:21).”

My Thoughts: While I am a little younger than the generation that would read Billy Graham's work when I saw this book was available I was immediately interested. I'd heard so much about the father that I wanted to hear what the son had to say. A great book for a better outlook on life and so much more than an exploration into the late Graham's life. 

The Crescent Stone, Book Review

The Crescent Stone By Matt Mikalatos 

A girl with a deadly lung disease . . .
A boy with a tragic past . . .
A land where the sun never sets but darkness still creeps in . . .
A bargain that brings life, but may cost more than anyone can imagine . . .

Madeline Oliver has never wanted for anything, but now she would give anything just to breathe. Jason Wu skates through life on jokes, but when a tragedy leaves him guilt-stricken, he promises to tell only the truth, no matter the price. When a mysterious stranger name Hanali appears to Madeline and offers to heal her in exchange for one year of service to his people, Madeline and Jason are swept into a strange land where they don’t know the rules and where their decisions carry consequences that reach farther than they could ever guess.

My Thoughts: While I did receive this book from the publisher so I can review it this doesn't effect my opinion in any way. The Crescent Stone is full of twists and turns and completely enthralling. The setup is an amazing fantasy world with great characters that are fun and humorous and of course the plot is great. This is one book that isn't just a pretty cover. 

13 Days in Ferguson, Book Review

13 Days in Ferguson by Captain Ronald Johnson

On August 14, 2014, five days after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown ignited race riots throughout the city of Ferguson, Missouri, the nation found an unlikely hero in Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol. Charged with the Herculean task of restoring peace between a hostile African American community and the local police, Johnson, a 30-year law enforcement veteran and an African American, did the unthinkable; he took off his bullet-proof vest and joined the protesters.

The 13 days and nights that followed were the most trying of Johnson’s life―professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Officers in his own command called him a traitor. Lifelong friends stopped speaking to him. The media questioned and criticized his every decision. Alone at the center of the firestorm, with only his family and his faith to cling to, Johnson persevered in his belief that the only way to effectively bridge the divide between black and blue is to―literally―walk across it.

In 13 Days in Ferguson, Johnson shares, for the first time, his view of what happened during the thirteen turbulent days he spent stabilizing the city of Ferguson, and the extraordinary impact those two historic weeks had on his faith, his approach to leadership, and on what he perceives to be the most viable solution to the issues of racism and prejudice in America.

My Thoughts: First of all I have to start by saying that I did receive this book from the publisher. This is a well written memoir from the perspective of a well known law enforcement officer, Captain Ronald Johnson. This book is thought provoking while at the same time an entertaining and relevant read. For sure a lot for readers to gain from this book. 

Boundaries for Your Soul, Book Review

Boundaries for Your Soul by Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller

You can turn your shame to joy, your anger to advocacy, and your inner critic into your biggest champion. Do your emotions control you or do you control your emotions? Many people let guilt, anger, or self-criticism dominate their lives and negatively affect their relationships. Boundaries for Your Soul shows you how to calm the chaos within. This groundbreaking approach will help you:
  • know what to do when you feel overwhelmed,
  • understand your guilt, anxiety, sadness, and fear,
  • welcome God into the troubling parts of your soul,
  • and move from doubt and conflict to confidence and peace.
Boundaries for Your Soul includes relatable anecdotes, helpful exercises, an engaging quiz, and opportunities for personal reflection. Gathering the wisdom from the authors' twenty-five years of combined advanced education, biblical studies, and clinical practice, this book will set you on a journey to become the loving, authentic, joyful person you were created to be. 

My Thoughts:First of all I want to start by saying that I was given the book to review from the publisher, but that it does not effect my review in any way. Boundaries for Your Soul does an excellent job of sharing  the stories of the authors as well as the stories of their clients in an inevitable non intrusive way. This book isn't like other self help books. It's enlightening, understanding and very well written. And of course really deals with issues of anxiety. 
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