Glass Snowman Ornament Class

 I'm aware that it's almost June and the picture above is of a Christmas ornament, and not just any ornament, one of a snowman. Well, first of all Christmas should be just stuck to the month of December, and second, I've had this blog post "in the making" for quite awhile, and third I made it in February so it's always been overdue, but I'm going to talk about it anyways!

Review: NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash

Lately it's felt like my skin hasn't been doing the best. Part of this is due to the fact I just finished up a brutal finals week, have been super stressed about some up coming jobs, and haven't gotten enough sleep. As I try and fix these things though I also figured it'd be best to up my skin care routine, so when the people over at NeoStrata offered to send me their Foaming Glycolic wash, of course I said yes. 

Alright so this arrives from It's packaged nicely in shipping, so no worries about damage and inside has the NeoStrata Box. On the side is that this is their resurface product and across the front also in blue is that this is to Enhance skin clarity and texture, two things that I need, as well as clearly showing that this is their Foaming Glycolic Wash. The bottle inside is white in close and looks very similar to the box. The top has a large push down dispenser and a clear cap. 

Using this is easy. Just push out the desired amount onto hands using the foam pump and rub onto wet skin in circular motions. The foam is a very light and bubbly, both of which I like, and doesn't really have a scent. Nice since I'm used to very chemical like cleansers.

Verdict: I very much like the NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash. It doesn't have a harsh smell and doesn't irritate my skin in the least. I love that it is a foam, both for fun of applying and because I think it cleans better, and I've seen good improvements in my face. 

What to Wear for an Internship Interview


Internships are one of those things that you pretty much have to do as a part of your college learning experience. Although I have done internships, I haven't given out all that much advice (other than to readers who've emailed me directly) except that you shouldn't work for free. To help amend that I decided to put together what I consider the perfect internship job interview outfit, specially with office work in mind. It's feminine and young, but still conservative and demure without being boring. 

  • Ruffled Top - This top is now sold out, but is a good guide for the sort of things you should be looking for. It's a trendy color, blush to be exact, high cut and has the trendy zipper in the back. Depending on your skin color, because you don't want to look naked, you could go darker or lighter on the color. 
  • Skirt - I normally HATE skirts that are this long but for a job interview, its very easy to go to short. You're going to be sitting, standing then sitting again, and maybe even walking around so  it's better safe than sorry. Plus this long black pencil skirt looks uber professional. 
  • Nail Polish - Now I know this is something that a few of you are going to disagree with me on, but a bright wild nail color (that of course matches your outfit) is the way to go. You're an intern, while you need to be professional at work, you should show that you are creative and fun.
  • Bag - Brief cases are one of those things that just depend on what you're doing. If you don't have to bring anything but yourself then skip it, but if you need to show your portfolio, school records etc then go for a simple black briefcase. Please leave your backpack behind. 
  • Shoes - I'm all about the high heels, which you can see in outfit posts from How to Dress Like a Lady Boss to a summer date outfit but for a job interview you might want to leave them behind. It's likely you'll have to go on a tour of the place (if they like you) which can be difficult in 6 in heels. 

Beija Flor Naturals (mini review!)


Last week I received a package in the mail with some skincare products inside. Upon opening it up I thought "Oh this stuff is quite pretty" before putting it in my 'to be reviewed' pile'. When it became their turn (since with my week break of school I'm getting a ton of reviews done), I looked to see exactly how these guys came to me and I couldn't figure it out, so back to the box they were headed until I could find out. However I decided to at least take a look inside the bottles and now I'm hooked. So I decided to review them anyways, even if I can't figure out how they came to me. 

Whipped Organic Shea Butter - I've tried out a variety of different shea butters before, from bulk tubs, to mixed in lotions but I'd never tried, let alone heard of whipped shea butter. It smells wonderful, like apricots and coconut and although thick is much easier to apply than straight shea butter. Not only does my skin smell good after applying it, but it goes from very dry to completely hydrated. 

Acai Mango Face Lotion - With the summer here, my face is getting dried out so quickly so of course I was excited to see this facial moisturizer. Even though the ingredients are quite different this Acai Mango product smells a bit like the Derma MD Wasabi Cleanser which isn't a bad thing. Although I would consider it to feel thick it applies easily, absorbing well and I think would work well for day or night. 

Overall I'm very impressed with the Beija Flor Naturals products that I somehow received. They come beautiful packaged in glass bottles, smell fantastic and work well. Looking at their site the prices are pretty reasonable too, and I'm loving that they're an organic boutique. 

Cool Things for Your Cell Phone

Lately I've been getting a variety of cool phone accessories, and since last time I shared with you guys what the best iPhone 6 cases are which was pretty popular, I figured I could do a similar technology post but broader the products I'm talking about. I've tried out each of these things and put togethermini reviews of each one so you could see the benefits, and maybe a few not so cool things about each product. 

1. Silicone Devices Ear Phones - I have to say that I've never seen anything like these. I've previously tried out Coosh Bluetooth headphones but they were huge and meant more for relaxing. These silicone ear phones are much less bulky. I love the little storage case, and green color, although I do wish they'd done without the string between the two earbuds, it looks a bit odd because it's so short. 

2. Galaxy S6 Armor Case - Previously I've had a similar mobile phone case to this one, and I can't recommend more highly getting a textured case. Not only does it protect your phone from falls but it helps prevent them by making the phone easier to hang on to. 

3. FSL Zinc Zn30i Earbuds - Just judging on looks these headphones are cool. However they're also quite functional. They have an attached microphone, and controls where you can reach as well as good sound quality. 

4.  Fashion Cat Case - I don't think it takes much scoping around to realize how much I love cats, so of course I was excited to receive this phone cover. It isn't much for protect but it is unique and fun. 

5. Car Charger - As someone with a long commute to and from school a car charger can be a necessity. I love that this one has a usb connection so it'll work on a variety of phones. 
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