Autumn / Fall Army Outfit Inspiration + Giveaway

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Every time I do any sort of outfit post, I feel like I start by updating you about the weather, and I felt myself trying to do it on this post. I'm going to contain myself though, and jump right into the outfit but just know I'm loving Fall in Indiana. Since that's the case I wanted to put together an outfit especially for the Autumn / Fall season and while browsing around online I came across an awesome site

They're name is a little unique, so much so that I almost didn't click in to see what they had, but I'm so glad I did. The site is wholesale dreams. Everything from hair extensions to beauty products and of course clothing. As soon as I saw their military style backpack I knew I wanted to put together a whole look aground it, and share my army chic outfit board. 

Baked Custard with Grape-Nuts, Recipe

It's officially that time of year, the holiday season. Although I'm not done with school yet, I'm totally feeling into the season. One of my favorite holiday traditions is making (and of course eating) baked goods! As the weather gets colder it becomes even more fun to stay inside and cook and bake. One of my first recipes of this holiday season is something new and I had to share it, Baked Custard. 

I wanted to make this recipe a little different than your transitional baked custard so I added in a few crunchy things, like dates, and Post Grape Nuts® that made it even better. In addition to sponsoring this post they've also done a partnership with Sing® the movie, which reminds me of another great holiday tradition in my family, going to the movies. But about that recipe.  
1 1/2 cups Grape-Nuts
1/2 Stick Butter
1 Tbs Coconut Oil
3 Eggs
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 1/2 Cups Milk 
1/4 Cup Dates
2 Tablespoons Vanilla
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon 
Pinch of Salt 
Pinch of Nutmeg 

Preheat the oven to 380 degrees. Melt butter and coconut oil and mix with the grape-nuts. Beat eggs, sugar, and milk until they're well blended. Then add the cereal mix in and blend well, adding in the rest of the materials as you go. Then pour the whole mixture into into a one quart baking dish, and place this dish in a larger baking dish. Fill the second dish half way with water. This might be a little confusing if you haven't made baked custard before so I've put a picture below, to show you. 

And now for something a little fun! There's actually a SING© Movie Sweepstakes  where you can win a $100,000 grand prize as well as over 200 instant win prizes. So what are you waiting for go ENTER

Wood and Wool Thanksgiving Outfit

With school projects looming overhead I haven't been able to do nearly as many outfit posts as I'd like to do! It's a mixture of wearing mostly yoga pants and sweaters to class, as well as that I don't have time to do the photos. Today I had to share a few shots of what I wore this Thanksgiving weekend because I absolutely love both the accessories I used. I also have what is sort of a giveaway at the end of the post provided by Jord Wood Watches. 


Scarf -  One of my favorite things about having cooler weather is getting to wear cozy clothes. My absolute favorite are scarves. This one is a little different though, as it's a chunky cowl, which is great because I can wear it like a turtle neck, a hood, or use it to cover my mouth. The Reverie Handmade Shop has a variety of products (all made in the Midwestern USA) and have so many color options to pick from. The shop is actually run by a blogger you might be familiar with Mandy Leigh of A Girl Obsessed and the quality and styles are on point. 

Jacket - I've had this jacket for quite awhile, but was able to link a similar one. It's pretty warm and the plaid pattern is super cute. Because of that I don't even care that I can't get the white paint off of it from a DIY. 

Watch - I've seen Jord Watches all over social media and was super happy when the company offered to send me one of their unique watches and let me run a "giveaway" on my blog. I picked out the Zebrawood and Champaign one ($189), and it'd even prettier in person! The wood is gorgeous and the watch is quality made, and are custom fitted based on the wrist measurements you send in. 



November POPSUGAR Must Have Box, Unboxing + A GIVEAWAY

*giveaway at bottom of post
 It's almost the end of November, and after surviving Black Friday (not quite ready for Cyber Monday yet)  as I hope you did I figured it was a great time to share an unboxing! I absolutely love the idea of subscription boxes and getting a surprise in the mail each month can be a great pick me up, for a hectic time. Actually that seems to be the only times I'm having lately, so when the November Must Have Box from Popsugar came in (you can see my September Unboxing) I really needed it! Below I have a picture of all the stuff in the box, and above my happy face upon receiving it! Of course since it was after class, you'll have to excuse how I look. 

 While I liked last month's box, I was blown away by what they put in this November POPSUGAR Must Have Box. Each of the products is something that I was so happy to have, and a few are things I didn't even know I wanted but would totally buy full price to get now that I've seen them. Individual boxes are $39 each and if you order 3 or 6 months at a time you get a pretty good discount. Each month you're guaranteed at least $100 worth of products, and from getting to try out two months of boxes, I can say they're for sure things you'll use yourself, and for sure be able to gift to your friends. 

  • 1. Nest Wire Bowl (retail $35) - While I'm not someone who currently has their own home, I can say that I was immediately impressed by this bowl. It's perfect for a catch all, or if you're more domestic as a display for a table. The bowl is light weight and very elegant. 
  • 2. Table Runner (retail $44) - I'm not sure that I'd pay anywhere near $50 for a table runner, but if I were to, it'd be for this chambray runner wine from PEHR. The colors are gorgeous and the fringe on the ends is so much fun. 
  • 3. Toffee Butter Popcorn (retail $2.99) - The immediate gratification of this box is this toffee butter popcorn. While it isn't an expensive snake this Oogie's product sure is good. 
  • 4. Star Party Picks (Retail $8) - I'd never thought of decorative sticks for parties, maybe because I'm a college student, but these are so cute! They're cute without being overdone. 
  • 5. Kendra Scott Bracelet (retail $50) - I'm probably one of the few bloggers around that doesn't have anything by Kendra Scott, but I know all about the brand's jewelry and have been lusting over a few pieces. This sliding closure bracelet (meaning it'll fit a variety of wrists) is so gorgeous. If just this piece was in this month's POPSUGAR Must Have Box, I'd be happy. 
  • 6. Stowaway Eyeshadow Palette (retail $25) - Previously I'd heard about Stowaway, a brand that makes miniature sized makeup, and had wanted to try them. This month's box gave me that chance. 

You can get your own #MustHaveBox go HERE be sure to use SHOP5 for $5 your first box. 

A big thanks to POPSUGAR for sending me this month's box to try out!

And now time for the giveaway!

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Be sure to check out all the other blogs on this giveaway hop hosted by The Kids Did It & The Mommy Island 

Playing Escape Room the Game at Home

Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you’ve had a good break from school/work and fun hanging out with your friends and family. For me it was time especially needed, with all the recent stress I’ve been having. One fun thing that I did was play Escape Room the Game with my friends the day before break to unwind from a very big project and celebrate the upcoming holiday (although unfortunately not the end of the semester).
I’d actually gone to a place and played Escape the Room as had one of my friends but most of them were new to it. Starting out we were a little worried that it’d be a bit to complicated for a relaxing game night, but everyone ended up enjoying themselves. It really does bring all of the fun and excitement from Escape the Room into a compact version for playing at home (or in your dorm room)! To play you have 60 minutes to work together, finding clues and solving puzzles to escape from the room. There are four rooms to choose from, Prison Break, Nuclear Countdown, Virus, and Temple of the Aztec and from testing them out I can say they all make for a great time. To win the game and escape the room you need to correctly enter a four key combination into the Chrono Decoder (the same thing that keeps your time) and press the button. Try a wrong code though, during moments of desperation we attempted it, and you’ll get a buzz letting you know. Luckily though we ended up getting it right, just before the end of the sixty minutes, and Escaped the Room!


Tips for Making Your Escape Room the Game party even better!
  • Lots of food, like any other party snacks are always appreciated 
  • Put the phones away, nice to decompress playing plus those distractions will cost you precious time
  • Except for one phone to use their app for awesome background music and photosWrite down notes as you’re playing, this can be a huge help to escaping the room.

You can get the game HERE for a fun game night like ours!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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