Fashionista Running Guide: All You Need to Know

Running can be exhausting and difficult, but we did not see any sign “no fashion allowed” at the beginning of the trail. Maybe the fact that you can look great while doing it can make you find your long lost love for running. A girl sometimes needs to look pretty in order to be pretty active. However, the fashion must be activity-friendly and you will not wear your dressy pants and blouse, and you will not choose the shoes based on their color, but based on their quality. Here, we will present you with the full guide on how to dress both to impress and for success.

It’s All about the Shoes (Isn’t It Always)

Review - Farmacy Skin Dew

It's been almost a full week since I've reviewed a proper skincare review (a little weird if you've been reading since I was almost elusively a beauty blog)  so I thought it was a good time to share a very cool skin products that I received last week and have been wanting to share, the Farmacy Skin Dew.  For me this beauty item was especially interesting because while I'm normally really into the matte look, I know the in style look is dewy. I wanted to be able to achieve this look without making my skin feel oily. 


Casual (but Cute!) Kimono Outfit Inspiration

While summer might be here for a lot of us that isn't the case, everywhere and if you're like me the weather while it's supposed to be summer like has gotten pretty cool recently. Which is a little funny because I had just been talking about the warm weather in my Stay Famous Summer Outfit. Anyways, I wanted to create an outfit that's perfect for school (or a casual workplace) that features the kimono trend. While I've seen a lot of bad outfits featuring kimonos, giving them a little bit of a bad name, I wanted to give some outfit inspiration on a kimono look that's casual but still cute. 

Is Course Hero Worth Using?

As a student I'll do just about anything to be able to do well on tests, homework projects, and of course the dreaded pop quizzes. Over my college "career", as well as in high school, I've used quite a few different sites to help me out, some of which have been more useful than others. One site that I just used last semester was Course Hero. In one of my engineering classes I had a project that had to do with balancing a specific 6 cylinder engine and as a group we couldn't figure out how to do it, at all. Looking through the book we saw a few similar engines that would be very helpful, but the book (it was a horrible textbook) didn't have any solutions. So using google we looked everywhere to see if we could find the solution manual, or even just solutions to similar problems and had zero luck, until we saw CourseHero. 


Review - TapaReef Sunscreen Remover Towelettes + GIVEAWAY

GIVEAWAY at bottom of post

If you're anything like me you couldn't wait for the warm weather to get here. Since fall I've be dreaming about going back to the beach, laying out on the sand and playing in the water. And as I've talked about a lot, I'm always sure to wear sunscreen. Not only does it help to protect you from skin cancer, but wrinkles too. For the beach I'm sure to wear a waterproof version my Smart Stuff Natural Sunscreen, which is great except when you want to take it off. So when TapaReef offered to send me their sunscreen remover towelettes I knew I could uses them. Both at home, and on the go, wherever that may be. 

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