Caturday: Lat time seeing Nikita

Awhile back its quite possible you saw a post I'd done introducing Nikita the cat. She's the cat of my mother's friend. She's very cute which you can see by the pictures and nice too. Unfortunately though I don't think I'll be seeing her again. Nikita's mom is moving to Texas and as much as I tried to convince her to let me take Nikita she firmly said no. As least I got a few pictures to share. 

Elizabeth Before School & Drawing Class

 I figured I could do one of those "day in my life" sort of posts. This morning I woke up at 8 and had to rush off to school. While I was trying to eat my breakfast I was constantly being shouted at, things like "Hey" and "Here" until I shared with her.  When I arrived at school I saw people standing around outside and figured it was just a tour, and headed to my building. I then saw that people were standing around there and realized it was a fire drill. Disappointing because I wanted to get to class early and work on my homework that was due. 
 The assignment was to draw motion, and this was my attempt. It's an art appreciation class so it didn't have to be any good, but for someone who can't draw I don't think mine is half bad. 
 And a picture of the room before students arrived. I wish my other classes looked like this. The big wooded table, and sitting higher with those chairs is so much nicer. Anyways I went through my other two classes without incident although I wasn't focusing too much because I was worried about a test grade (got it back when I came home and I didn't do bad).
When I came back to my car, after it'd been sitting all day there was a puddle under the wheel. Of course this made me nervous to drive, though I saw little puddles under other peoples wheels (what is it!?). Before going home I made a stop to tutor a girl in math. 

Last Loreal Walmart Promotion?

In May/June (I can't exactly remember now) I did a Loreal Beauty Promotion.  Even though one of the packs wasn't there, it wasn't all that bad. This time around though that wasn't the case. I made it to the first location, found the manager and told them I was looking for and she promptly told me to go to the back and get it. So I did. All by myself I wandered around in the back of Walmart (like a mini warehouse) until I found someone to ask, who pointed me towards someone else who did know. After  opening the box I then tried to find somewhere to throw out the packaging and when I asked someone they gave me the rudest response. As if I should know. Luckily the other store was a little better (though between the two I'm much more likely to be a Target shopper now). 

Inside the box, I was happy to find that in addition to the coupons like last time that there were samples, which was the highlight of my promotional modeling job. Taking ten pictures at both locations was almost impossible, and I'm surprised anyone was okay with me taking their photo. Though it was probably because I'm very persuasive. 

Anyways what I was saying, is that although these Walmart promotions are great because I can work them in around my schedule, and they help me get better jobs with the agency I do them through I don't think I'll be doing them anymore. The pay isn't that good and it isn't fun. 

Autumn Scenic Date Outfit

I know I just showed you a cute fall outfit, but I'm going to share another cool weather outfit right now. For this look I was going for an especially autumn date, scenic camping / hiking planned around watching the leaves change to oranges, yellow and red. I wanted something that had a trend (those boots) as well as the more classic denim and flannel. 

  • Tank - Crop tops are something I've styled a lot over the past year and I think they're here to stay. This white one has a bunch of things going on, with all the straps and cool texture which keep the outfit from being too country. 
  • Jeans - For almost every outfit I go for a pair of skinny jeans. Because this outfit is a bit more rugged I didn't go with a destroy but with the dark jacket I did want a light wash. 
  • Shirt - This shirt is more of a jacket with the crop top. Since it's long, past the butt of the jeans, it's best to wear it unbuttoned, perfect for a cozy bonfire and cooler days. 
  • Wallet - I'm always the minimalist when it comes to bags and this wallet is perfect. For hiking or evening walks it isn't heavy but can carry the necessities. Plus the nude color is multi seasonal. 
  • Shoes - These booties are something I was wanting all summer. The light color will lengthen the legs and the wood heel is super contemporary. 

Unboxing: ThirdLove

Ever since my preteen years I've had one major shopping issue (other than the body issues many girls and women face), bras. My size although not unique is a little rare in department stores and even online it's hit or miss. So when I heard about the ThirdLove of course I was interested in getting a few samples to try out. They have revolutionary designs to fit better, use luxury materials and have a 100% Guarantee. So lets take a look in my box. 

T-Shirt Bra - I'm someone who's always felt like they had to wear a tank top under their shirts because there's always a line. So when I saw this T-shirt bra in my box I immediately went to try it out. I love the ruching on the straps that keep it from just being a functional piece. 

The Evolve Front Closure Bra - Front closures are so much easier to put on and wear but up until now I thought you had to exactly fit their band size. The back of this Evolve bra has an adjustable hardware piece and is cute too. 

I also received the microfiber thong which is no show, and a cute lace pair called the Lace Tanga. They're both well made and match the bras. 
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