Caturday: Carpet Kitty App Review

 It's Caturday which means it's my free day to share something about cats without having to explain myself any further. Since I don't have any recent cat pictures I thought of something even better, sharing a game that I've been playing called Carpet Kitty. Basically the objective of the game is to slide down carpets (tearing them as you do) collecting coins and scoring points. The later is done mostly by sliding down the carpets (faster for more points), popping bubble wrap and swiping off the rug and onto the next one at the right time to double your points. 

Fitness Friday - Gamiss at 100 Acres

It's finally Friday which I couldn't be happier about since this week was ROUGH. Since I haven't done #fitnessfriday post in what feels like a millennium I thought it be fun to do one showing off the new exercise clothing that the people at Gamiss were nice enough to send to me. Originally I was going to do a fun yoga video to show it to you but instead decided to take it outside and go to 100 Acres, the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. It's basically an outdoor woodland area (100 Acres in size if you didn't guess by the name) that is right by the Indianapolis Museum of Art which I've been to before, and you might remember seeing on the blog. Since I went the museum now charges an (hefty) admissions fee, but 100 Acres is still free and so is parking there. 

Outfit: Downtown Chicago the 9th Floor

Well as I already mentioned in my autumn school outfit blog post I've been super busy with school this week. This afternoon I was actually late to class because I was donating blood which was especially stressful but maybe I'll talk about that coming up and share a few photos. However for today's blog post I wanted to share my other Chicago outfit, the first being my Labor Day Outfit at Navy Pier.  Originally I had thought that these photos would go into my hypothetical trash pile.  After taking a second look though, I decided they weren't so bad, and I really do like the outfit so I thought I might as well share what I wore with you guys. 


Review: Everpro Gray Away

As a twenty something you probably aren't surprised that I don't have grey hair (although my father did start to get his when he was in his early twenties) so it might seem a little odd that I'm reviewing a  product meant for gray hair, but the fact that it's as root touch up magnetic powder (something I'd never heard of) made me super interested in trying it out, and I recruited my mother as the test subject for this EverPro product. Although after trying it I realized that for those of you who have light colored hair you like to dye darker this would be great for you too. 

Autumn Cardigan School Outfit Inspiration

It seems like my first month of school was a breeze, and I assumed that would be that way for the rest of the semester. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case since I spent three hours on a homework assignment, and then another hour for one that I had more than a little help on. And still one to do tomorrow using Matlab that I know is going to cause me trouble. But enough complaining about boring school stuff lets get on to the clothes.

I want to share with you guys a fun school outfit perfect for the fall season (insert something about pumpkin spice flavored things here).  I went with a few trendy pieces but mixed them in with the basic wardrobe stapes I know a lot of people already have to put together this look. While I do call it a "school" outfit, it's also great for casual Fridays in the office or any daytime weekend event.  
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