Outfit: Houndstooth Heels, Laser Cut Top


I've come to the conclusion that I'm not that great at taking outfit of the day pictures. I've done modeling and since I get jobs, I'd say I can't be too bad, but as soon as I go to take blog pictures I turn into a twelve year old trying to look hot for a new profile picture. However I am quite fond of the outfit, I mean how can anyone not love houndstooth, and you can almost never go wrong with a black and white combo.  
Shoes - I'm loving these shoes from Outer Inner. They have a pointed toe, which is perfect for making feet look more narrow, and making me feel a little more grown up. The heel isn't too high that I'm worried about walking around in them and as I mentioned before, my favorite thing is the houndstooth. 

Jeans - For me the best way to wear a pair of heels is with a skinny jeans so that's exactly what I did. I love the looser fit, as in not skin tight, that these jeans have and the medium blue color is easy to pair with light or dark tops. 

Top - Laser print is a cool new thing that until recently wasn't something that could be done. This one size top from Oasap is just what I was looking for in the trend. Scalloped hems and neckline, front and back is perfectly feminie and so wearable. 

Underwear and Periods

Well, I'm on my period now. Although I don't want to not be on my period, if you know what I mean, but it sucks. The extra acne, and craps are horrible, and those endless trips to the bathroom are all something that I could live without. The worst part is the whole period underwear though. I know you know the kind I mean because every girl has a pair. You keep them in the very back of your drawer hidden under all your other pairs of panties, until you start your period, then you have to unhappily drag them out of their hiding place and wear them as to not ruin any of your good underwear. 

Luckily though I found out about the wonderful U by Kotex 3D Capture Core  pads, and thanks to them sponsoring this post you can try out a pack yourself free (they send four!) CLICK HERE TO ORDER. I've been using them for the past two months and they're the perfect pads. First off I absolutely love how they come. The signature black box and multicolored wrappers make a funny surprise about what color I'm going to get each time. And as you can see below they're super then, especially considering I'm using the most absorbent kind. That is of course not only good for carrying them around in your purse, but also because it means more discrete wear so you don't have to cater your outfit to your period. 

You can get your own sample set of U by Kotex 3D Capture Core click HERE



Outfit: Transparent Rain Coat and Wrinkles


Awhile back I did a guide on how to wear a transparent jacket, and I was so into the look that I decided to buy one myself. Well, somewhere along the way it was lost in the mail for months, and the company was kind enough to refund my credits, so it was a huge surprise when I actually received this rain coat in the mail along with the shirt I wore for the Red Hair, Red Shoes Pink Coat Outfit

Being the very intelligent person I am, I decided to wait until it was raining to take pictures in my rain coat, since that's when you wear it right? It also happened to be windy, so my attempt at a chic and edge outfit turned into a wrinkled, and tired look. But I couldn't pass up posting the pictures because, I think it's funny to post these kind of things about myself. I don't mind being a big loser.


  •  Clear Rain Coat - First of all, I love rain coats, people always like to use umbrellas, but with any wind or if you're trying to carry things. I hadn't ever found one I liked until seeing this transparent one, it has black accents, I picked it above the yellow and orange since it'll go with more things.
  •  Black Pants - I really thought that I loved these pants that I got thrifting at the salvation army because these seemed to make my legs look long and thin, plus they're so comfy. Looking at these pictures they also seem to make my hips look large but that could also be because of the tank
  •  Pink Tank - As much as I love the color of this tank top I really shouldn't have worn it. It's not only a bit odd shape to have tucked in, making a lot of wrinkles. Also it seems to be accentuating my stomach fats. 
  • Spiked Shoes - These shoes are my favorite pair that I own. I can't wear them much, and I have to say that most males don't seem to be a fan of them so I don't think they're proper date shoes. 




Don't Work for Free

Recently I talked about taking every opportunity that's available to you , but what I should have explained more throughly is that these opportunities have to benefit you. And for the most part, I'm not talking about that whole thing people say about "getting experience" as your reward, because in almost every instance that's a load of crap. When you're offered these sort of "opportunities" (I don't know how else to refer to them) where you aren't getting compensated in any way, that's whoever offered it saying you aren't worth anything, and if you accept it, you're just affirming that believe. Let me give you a few examples.

  • Unpaid Internships
As an engineering major unpaid internships just don't happen, but since I'm also trying to get a degree in psychology I know a whole lot about them. In most degree programs, at my school anyway, you're required to do a senior project, which can be fulfilled by doing an internship. You're given a list of approved places that you can intern and although you can go somewhere else it's a lot of work to get them approved. These internships (the psychology ones always)  don't allow you to work where you'd like to, or where you think you can learn the most. They put you in a room doing paperwork most of the day, 30 hours a week doing what people next to you, almost always without any college degree, are doing for pay. And these are for profit places. So you aren't learning a thing, and they're getting 30 hours a week of labor for nothing. There's always the chance they might hire you, but you probably won't be any higher up than anyone else who applies for the job. 

  • Blogging Campaigns
Please if you're a blogger never do an unpaid campaign. I've gotten three such "offers" lately from a Vegas Hotel (sorry can't remember the name), Smartling, and Webucator. They all start the same way sending me a very long email telling me about their great campaign, and how much they want me to join. I ask them about compensation and then they send another very long email telling me that "although they can't compensate they want to get the word out" about whatever stupid thing they're doing. Smartling some overpriced language learning site or whatever wanted me write a whole post about a night abroad, complete with an outfit for day and night and as well as guide on what'd I'd pack and do, and of course linking their company. That would take me roughly five hours to do, and give them some great advertisement (you can see my stats on the advertisement page of this blog). Then Webucator wanted me to write a post about how hard it is to graduate and get a good job (not true if you get a STEM degree) and how they're helping people out with their classes. 1. I found most of their also expensive "courses" also available online from my local library, and I'd never take classes for any amount of money if it was non accredited. I've decided on a response of

  • Modeling 
Model Mayhem is a site that is suggested on a lot of "How to get started Modeling" guides. Let me tell you it's not worth your time. 99% of the jobs are unpaid, and by amateur photographers and even though you can "get portfolio pictures" My first jobs, paid of course, were all book based on iPhone photos my mother took of me that took about 10 minutes start to finish not the hours you'll be spending with a more than likely shady "photography". The worst ones though are the "jobs" wanting girls to do nude, or semi nude photos for free. Really? If you're the type of person who's okay with taking these kind of photos (not judging at all!) then at least get paid for it because trust me you won't be hard for work, instead of feeding some guy's weird fetish. 

Outfit: Red Hair, Red Shoes, Pink Coat


Your first question might be why I did an outfit with a wool coat since it is summer... Well, I thought that September 1st was the first official day of fall, and took all my fancy outfit pictures only to find out this morning that it doesn't start for another twenty days. The second one is probably about my hair, which up until last week was an almost platinum blonde. It's a long story, that'll have it's own blog post in the near future but it was for a job and although it isn't something I ever would have done on my own I'm kind of liking it. But about my outfit. I wanted to do a look that is frowned upon a little, pairing red and pink together, and adding a fun pattern to pull it together. So that yes you can wear pink and red together (even with red hair) and still look good. For me this is a simple running errands or a school day. 

Shoes - These shoes are an older Michael Kors pair that I've had sitting around for a few years, but haven't worn very often. Now, I'm loving them, both the dark red color, with a suede texture and the strappy look of them. Of course being comfortable heels is a huge plus too. 

Coat - As soon as I saw this coat from Oasap I knew I had to have it. It's a light weight wool perfect for both fall and spring, and the bright pink color is so cheerful. At about $35, I was impressed with the quality, it's lined, has darts, and expensive looking buttons. 

Jeans - Nothing works better for making legs look long and thin than a nice pair of skinny jeans. Even though I fell of the wagon with fitness these jeans make me look tall and in shape. Plus for an otherwise wild look, they're a nice calm piece. 

Shirt - An older piece from Oasap this shirt is BUSY. To be honest with my blond hair I'm not sure that I can pull it off, but with the red I like the look. This is the perfect t-shirt for everyday wear with it's loose cut making it perfect for jeans, skirts or my favorite, yoga pants. 

iPhone Case - Last but not least, my new iPhone case. Ever since my last case basically fell apart I had been looking for a new one and was lucky enough to see this floral one on their site for less than $5.  



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