Best Types Of Bollywood Styles Blouses & Designs

I just wanted to stop in and share an eastern fashion post with you guys, inspired by the always glamours Bollywood actresses. 

Bollywood has never ever missed the opportunity to surprise us. It never had! And this is the reason, for every fashion and trend hacks we have our eyes stick on them. Whether it is about any type of ethnic wear or western wear, the tinsel town belles always beat the fashion tracks like a pro. They have the power of famed designers and their own style statements which make their look unique every time from everyone else.

Justin Moore #KindaDontCare Album Release

My summer break (which has been incredibly short since I decided to take a summer class) is almost over. However I have had a little bit of fun, like on Friday going to the Indianapolis portion of the promotion for Justin Moore's brand new album Kinda Don't Care. Which you might have seen videos from on my Instagram Story or Snapchat. 

 I was contacted about a week and a half ago about going and after listening to Kinda Don't Care (the rest of the album hadn't been released yet), I immediately said yes. The promotion ended up being even better than I though though because it was their "Whiskey and Waffles Tour" which included a Pre-Concert Show, Brantley Gilbert Concert and Waffle House after party with Justin Moore. All of which I got two VIP tickets for. One for me, and one for a friend who I convinced to spend the day with me. 
 The first stop was of course the pre concert party at Saddle Up Saloon & Dancehall on East 82 Street, where I got my Justin Moore VIP pass. They have a huge dance floor and this mechanical bull I totally wanted to try out. Before too long, the pre-show started with Justin Moore. I was surprised how crowded it was for four-o-clock on a weekday, and how involved everyone was. As soon as he started singing (samples from the Kinda Don't Care Album) everyone rushed up to the stage, and a lot of people were singing along even though the music had just been released. Before heading out to the concert we had to make a quick stop at taco bell. 

 And then the concert (where most of my videos were from)! It was raining when we arrived, and we were a little worried if we were going to be stuck out on the lawn in the rain. However when we went to the Will Call area to pick up our tickets I was pleasantly surprised to see we seats in the pavilion, not that it would have mattered because the rain stopped by the time the concert started. Of course this was a lot of fun listening to both the newer and older songs of Justin Moore's from all those videos and photos i was taking my phone ran out of battery before the concert was even over (I did enjoy the other musicians) and I didn't get any photos from the waffle house afterparty.  

You can get the album HERE and check out more on Justin Moore's Youtube

Review: MyChelle Beauty Key 3 Skincare Set

As you probably already know, skincare is extremely important to me. Having the best skincare products, is more important to me than the best hair care, or even having the best makeup. So I'm always looking for products (and testing them out to share with you guys) that will protect my skin, reduce aging and reverse damage that is already there, among a multitude of other skincare goals. So when the people over at MyChelle offered to send me their Beauty Key 3 Skincare Set, of course I said yes. I'd never heard of their brand, but looking at their products I saw that they totally fit into what I was looking for and I was interested to see if they lived up to the claims. 

Outfit: Grey Dress at the White River

I've been sharing a lot of outfit photos lately which I've been lucky to get thanks to my friend, who's been taking them for me after class. As far as these photos go, I'm normally like "okay that looks like a good spot" to literally any place where someone isn't standing (especially if there's a brick wall around) however my friend convinced me to instead do a few photos with a more interesting background. That ended up being the White River near downtown Indianapolis (which is right by the campus I was taking summer classes at). So just like the #ootd at the boat dock this is another school look, and I'm actually wearing the same shoes that I did on that day. The whole outfit is meant to be comfy and casual, and typical of most of my school days it is one of those makeup free looks. 


Dress - Thanks to Dezzal I was given this dress to try out and take photos in. Of course when I saw this eyelet shift dress I had to pick it. This dress is so comfortable and forgiving, both of which I'm very into, especially for an outfit that I'm going to be sitting in all day. Plus I absolutely love the color  (I think it goes extremely well with my skin tone). Th only thing with this dress is that you need to wear something underneath it. I went with a simple black on black combo but white would work as well. 

Shoes - As I mentioned, I've worn these white converse in another recent outfit post. Of course they aren't the type of shoes for walking long distances in but for wearing on campus they're great. I went with them to keep the outfit casual, and from being too dark with the grey. 


Review: Aquation Moisturizing Products

Normally I go for the beauty products that are in the mid rage prices, or between $25-$65 for skincare products. I've always found that this has a good balance between the cost, and the quality that I desire, so spending the little bit of extra money is fine because the results are well worth it to me. Because that's what I personally use, often you'll see that's the price rage of the reviews I do, with a few outliers. However when I was given this set of Aquation products to review I figured it might be fun to test out the brand and see how it compares. They each retail for $8.96 at Walmart, and contain a lot more product than most of the skincare I review so at the very least I though it'd be interesting. 
Moisturizing Cream - First of all this cream comes in a stout circular container with 16 oz.  When I opened up this aquation I was happy to see it is a pure white, and a little surprised that it wasn't super thick. I was expecting something like the Nivea Cream, but this is much lighter. It goes into the skin well, and isn't irritating but I wouldn't say it is soothing either. It provides a lot of moisture and will easily hydrate even very dry skin. 

Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser - When I first saw that they sent me a cleanser, I have to admit I cringed. I was very afraid of a budget cleanser because of damage. While this isn't a cleanser that's going to get out your waterproof makeup out, sweat and dirt will be no problem. It is clear and impressively doesn't have any sort of chemical smell. It isn't irritating and is a mild cleanser. 

Daily Moisturizing Lotion -Since the cream was thinner than I was expecting I wasn't sure what sort of consistency the Aquation lotion would have. It is almost a translucent white, and is so smooth it almost feels like water across the skin. It'd be perfect for hands and arms because there's no oily residue either. 

Verdict: All of these Aquation Moisturizing products come in plastic grey containers that have a a push down dispenser, around the middle is a white and blue sticker with product information. They aren't that pretty, but are very practical.  They're all made for any skin type, and state they're clinically proven for 24 hr hydration. They all work well, and are better than I expected for less than $9 each.

Pros - 
Cheap (and large quantity of product)
Cons - 
Packing isn't safety sealed
Isn't soothing
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