Don't Pass Up ANY Opportunities

So much has changed for me in the past two, maybe three months that I'm really excited about. And I don't just mean the noticeable things, although those are nice too like all the beauty reviews I've been able to share with you guys, or that I can actually make a little bit of money from all the hard work I've put in this blog. What I really mean is how I've changed. I've become a whole lot more independent and a lot less self conscious and caring about embarrassing myself in front of other people. I think that part of this change is just growing up a little but there's something else too. I'm saying yes a whole lot more often. 

Naturally I'm someone who's has always said no. If I start something and it annoys me, I stop doing it. Or if I see an opportunity, and feel like I wouldn't be good enough to do it, I don't even look into it further. The worst thing that I do though is see something that I really want to do, and just don't do it because I might do it wrong, and other people might think poorly of me if I don't do a fantastic job my first time. They probably wouldn't and for all of these things it wouldn't matter what they thought anyway or if I didn't do a great job. Nothing bad would come of it, and I would learn a lot

So these past few months, especially more recently I've decided to start saying yes to almost every opportunity that's come my way. Of course I don't mean every, like I'm not taking three jobs just because I saw the applications for them, or that I'm doing any collaboration possible. What I mean is if something fits into your schedule, just do it. I've had people offer me products to review that aren't really my kind of thing, but I do it anyways. Whenever I see one of the free classes at the library that's for something I think would be fun (like the fall wreath making) I sign up. If someone asks me to do something with them and I'm not doing something else I just go. If I want to work with a brand or collaborate with another blogger, I have no problem asking now. 

Those might not seem like very big things, but for someone that's as shy as me they've been great stepping stones. Coming up though, the end of this week (actually starting tomorrow), and next week I have two huge opportunities that I'm really working to get, and without those little steps I wouldn't have even thought them possible. I'm hoping for the best, but as I've learned in the past few months, if it doesn't work out, it's no big deal. I can always just go on to the next thing. 

Easy Vegetable Tofu Sticky Rice

 Last night for dinner I made a very easy simple meal of Vegetable Tofu Sticky Rice, so I thought I could share the "recipe". Also If you're worried about this turning into a food blog, or some other sort of thing, don't worry too much, because... I'm much better at wearing stuff then cooking things. Anyways here goes with my recipe, it's completely vegan and low calorie both big pluses for my diet plan.

Outfit: White Summer Dress 2 Ways with Mandy Leigh



As you might have noticed by some of my previous outfit posts from this summer, I'm really loving dresses. This white dress, from BCBG, has been calling for me to wear it. I finally answered those calls when Mandy Leigh and I decided to do a White Summer Dress Collaboration, and I think this might be my favorite outfit I've featured on my blog. For my look I wanted to go for something girly and dressy, but not something that was going to be a hassle to wear. I wore this outfit for a Zoo date, and was completely happy with my choice. 
Dress - The first piece of this outfit that I decided on and then I worked everything else around it. It's the perfect length, just above the knee and I love that it has a waist band. The back although pretty, makes this dress a struggle to put on and I have to be conscious of what bra I'm wearing. I think it's completely worth it though. 

Shoes - When I first saw these shoes, I wasn't a fan. However, I started wearing them whenever I needed brown shoes and started to really like them. They're a great contrast to the feminine dress and much more comfortable to walk around in than a pair of heels. 

Purse - Just last week I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and found this adorable little purse that is just the size I need. The simple look goes well with the dress, and the warm brown keeps with the summer feel. 

Colored Contact Lenses - I know that colored contact lenses are something someone normally thinks of as a part of an outfit but whenever I'm going for an girly look I wear them. The soft brown of these Princess Mimi, works well with the brown in this outfit, and of course I love the enlarging. 
Of course you guys have to go check out Mandy Leigh's White Dress Look, who I was lucky enough to have collaborate with me. Her look is a whole lot more edgy than mine (check out those shoes!) and I think you'll love all the makeup and beauty posts she does. 

Roundup: Beauty Reviews ( August 10-16)

 Valentia Even Glow Serum - Vitamin C is something that everyone knows is very good to have in your diet. Did you also know that Vitamin C has been proven to be a great addition to your skin care regime? It helps to not only protect the skin from sun but also repair damage. The only bad thing is you have to keep it in a refrigerator. 

Haul: First Time at The Salvation Army Thrift Store

As much as I like getting good deals on clothing and saving money, most of the time the most extreme thing I do is shopping at the Nordstrom Rack instead of the main store. Today though we were driving by a Salvation Army, and decided to stop in. This was my first time in the store, and actually my first time at any Salvation Army Thrift Shop and it wasn't at all what I expected. Everything was well organized, the lighting was bright and the clothes all seemed to be in very good quality.  The best part though had to be the prices, considerably lower than any other thrift stores in my area.

After shopping at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop I can see myself buying a lot more used, not only because of the awesome prices but also for the environment, and the fact that the two main thrift stores in my area are charities, and buying is a great way to support them. So here's a look at what I bought, the total cost me less than $20.

 After looking through a few winter coats, I went over to the main purse area (there were a few random areas with them too) and almost immediately saw this brown leather cross body. It's small and has a lot of zippers and pockets, making it a perfect everyday purse for me. I had seen the brand before,  Vera Pelle, and my mother owned one so I knew the quality was good. So I bought it for $3.69 and after looking it up online I was even happier with my purchase because new purses by Vera Pelle similar to this one retail for for about $70. 
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