April 22, 2014

A lot of Stress this April

Blogger Marie Lei
I have to say, I'm sorry I haven't been all that on it with my blogging lately. I would love if I could do a post about what I did that day every single day, but as the semester is coming to a close it just isn't possible. This whole month has been nothing but stress for me. Maybe next semester I'll have to lighten my load a little because its all too much. I have a little less than two weeks until finals, and so much to do, just for school. Tomorrow I have a physics test that I NEED to get a good grade on. I'm still waiting to find out what my calculus test results are, and I know its going to be bad, I'm just not sure how bad yet. Then I have a huge computer program to write up before class is over, and finals for every class. I'm so stressed out that I feel like just spacing out and doing nothing, because its all so overwhelming, although that'll only make it worse. 

The worst part is that's just the school stuff I have to do, on my blog I have a book to read and review, and a hair care product that I'm really hoping to do after school tomorrow. As for personal things, although I'm not going to go into any detail, I'm thankful that I've had the month just for myself, because otherwise I wouldn't be getting any time to relax. I have no idea how people with jobs, even part time ones get all of their school work done. Maybe I'm missing something though, maybe there is some trick to studying and time management that I have yet to figure out. 

April 21, 2014

That Math Game Program

Hanna Marie Lei
Although I've mentioned a terrible math game program that I had to do a few times, I never went into detail on it, and since we just received our grades, I figured now is the perfect time. So here's how it went. We were given a huge program to create a kid's math game, and three weeks to do it. There were grades 1-3 and different addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems based on the grade level they picked. They had to answer five questions, were timed which affected their points earned and then the program would give them a letter grade. I handed out parts to each of the member of my group asking for them by Saturday for the majority, and wanting that creepy engineering kid to give me his on Friday since it was the very beginning of the project and I wanted to get my part (the majority of it) done by the end of the weekend.

The day before I wanted the beginning of the program, I had class with that kid and made sure he'd be done with it by sometime on Friday, and he assured me that it would be. So about noon on Friday, while walking to the post office I sent him a message asking him if he had it done yet. He sent me back that it wasn't going to get done because "some people have to work for a living" and I was so angry that I didn't even respond. After I got home I started to working on the program, and after only spending half an hour on the part that was for that creepy engineering kid I was completely annoyed because he could have even done it on his lunch break. Not only that but I couldn't care less if he has to work, its not my problem.  I only care about my grade.

As it ended up, like many group projects do, my group of course didn't send me their work for Saturday, so I spent literally the whole weekend doing the whole project with only my father to help me, and it was a huge amount of work and we kind of struggled through it. By Sunday night though I had the whole thing done. Going into school I pretended I had nothing, planning on turning it in myself, when one of the kids in my group (who is kind of a loner) walked in and said he'd done the whole thing. Of course then I had to admit that I had mine done, so we spent an hour combining elements of the two and then had a finished program. It ended up being a perfect 100%

As it turned out one of the people in the group had tried to do their part, and has no idea what they were doing (it was a very simple task), the girl who I was surprised didn't turn anything was actually locked out of the school computers, a problem she's had off and on for no reason, and of course that creepy kid just didn't do his work. 

Now we're on to the next project and added a group member,  and I'm hoping this time around it isn't all going to be me doing a project all by myself again.

April 20, 2014

How to Wear Cowboy Boots

Western influenced fashion blogger outfit

I originally was planning on doing an outfit post about wearing cowboy boots with a prom dress, but I couldn't quite get the outfit I wanted so instead I decided to do one on How to Wear Cowboy Boots in general. I've done outfits with cowboy boots before like Cowboy Boots and a Tribal Dress and white cowboy boots in a Bohemian Style Outfit but instead of going with a dress this time around I wanted something more casual, to mock the original use of cowboy boots. This How to Wear Cowboy Boots outfit has a little bit of a seventies hippy vibe going on, but is very easy to pull off and can be worn to any casual outing. 

  • Fashion Cowboy Boots - These are of course not the "working" kind of cowboy boots but rather the kind that are supposed to look like it. They have a little bit of distress on the toes, and a worn look on the body with a leather print. I love the light brown camel color, because its easier to pair with shirts than a darker boot would be.
  • High Low Tank - I'm still into the high low trend and this tank is a modest version of it. The orange color is bright and festive perfect for the warm weather, and the buttons down the front and loose fit make the tank look airy and carefree. For a more modest look, a plain white t-shirt can be put under the tank, and it'll look just as cute.
  • Mid Rise Skinny Jeans - Because the high low tank is a tad bit short in the front I went with a mid rise jean to keep the outfit from showing midriff.  There aren't any tears or holes in these jeans because I think the cowboy boots give all the distressed that this modest bohemian cow boot outfit needs. 
  • Patterned Canvas Tote Bag - It isn't only the cowboy boots that make this look western inspired, this bag with prints, that are reminiscent of traditional Native American art is so eye-catching and unique that couldn't help but include it. The leather details help to tie into the cowboy boots.
  • Flower Headband - The last part of the outfit, and probably the part that more than a few of you will be leaving out if you recreate this look is the floral crown. It does give that hipster vibe that can be kind of laughable but it also gives a feminine touch that I think an outfit like this needs.

April 19, 2014

Easter Gifts for Sunday School Children

easter basket for sunday school students
 As you might already know, tomorrow is Easter, or more than likely it is already Easter by the time you're reading this thanks to my late night posting schedule, and I'm going to show you guys what my mother and I gave as Easter gifts to the students in her Sunday school class. For their Easter baskets we put in a little more care then we have in previous years because the majority of the children in my mother's class come from very low ( or no) income families. Although this isn't as big as the Christmas presents we put together I'm pretty happy with the mix of educational, fun and of course a little candy that went into these baskets that are for kids three to six years old. With that said each one cost right at $5 with everything coming either from Walmart or Meijer.

April 18, 2014

Outfit: Oasap Dress as a Sweatshirt

Hanna Blogger
You might have seen in my post from yesterday about my week that we had snow, in the middle of april.   So although it isn't nearly that cold now, its still a little too cold to wear the dress that Oasap gave me, the way its supposed to be worn so instead I decided to get a little creative. Its already a short dress, and has that kind of go either way look (my mother thought it was an oversized sweater when I first opened the package) so I decided to wear it as a long sweatshirt. Its perfect for me because I tend to have this problem of my pants slipping down my waist, and when you're wearing something past your butt that's not going to be an issue. This whole outfit is super comfortable and casual perfect for how busy I've been lately. 

Silver Bracelet - Tiffany & Co

I went with the jeans to go with this dress turn sweatshirt because I needed something skinny to keep it from looking too baggy, and this Abercrombie pair is my most comfortable skinny jeans. Originally for the shoes I was going to go for something a little more classic, but I figured the look needed a little bit of an edge, and the black would go well thanks to the big black button on my top. To match the spikes on the back of my shoes I added a silver bracelet since I figured a necklace would make this look too top heavy. 

Outfit Lei

dress as sweatshirt

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