Outfit: Red Plaid Shirt, Short Black Boots

 Shirt c/o Oasap / Jeans / Shoes

I'm not sure what the weather is like where you're living but around here its been cold, really cold. Cold enough that we had snow on the ground for about a week before it got just above freezing on Saturday and melted it away. So when I'm going for an outfit it's all about something cozy, and then cute. Which is exactly what I think of when you wear plaid shirts, and fuzzy boots so I decided to wear them together for an every day school look. 
Shirt - For whatever reason, whenever fall swings around, I switch almost exclusively to button up shirts (except for the occasional sweater). They're easy to layer, especially with cold weather gear. So when I saw this plaid shirt from Oasap with a large check print, I knew I had to get it. Since it's asymmetrical, it is a little more body conscious.

Jeans - These are my comfy jeans. They're a very dark wash blue, about a size too big, but thanks to their skinny cut don't look baggy.  For me their a step up from the leggings I'd wear on a normal lazy day, and a little warmer. 

Boots- I love ankle boots. Sure they don't keep you as warm as longer boots, but your feet are going to be super comfy in them. Whenever I wear this pair (which has sequins!) I think I actually look taller, and for sure cuter. 

Surreal Sunglasses / Oasap Earrings / abHair Wig


As it would seem, I've received a couple of very cool things in the mail these past few days. And I absolutely love what I've gotten. So instead of sharing them separately I figured I could do one awesome post featuring them all. I wasn't really sure what kind of look I was going for but whatever it is I think I like it better than my day to day look. Everything together just gives me a "new age model" look.  

 Earrings - As you might now Oasap is my favorite online shop. They have about everything that a girl could want, from shoes and bags, to clothes, and makeup all in the ever changing street fashion. These earrings are a black rosebud with gold colored metal, and work perfectly with the punk rock style that I try and go for most days. 

Wig - Awhile back the people over at abHair let me pick out a wig from their site, and this is the one I went with. Opening up the package though I saw that the pictures that were online didn't do it justice. It's a beautiful stormy purple and is very long but surprisingly light weight. And the bangs make my eyebrows look perfect. 

Sunglasses - The people over at Surreal sent me three different pairs of sunglasses to try out, two with wood frames and one with plastic, so I figured I could take pictures in each one for you guys... Because over on my Instagram page you can pick which one you want to win although truthfully I think any one would be great. If you click over to their site you'll see that it's not just my three that are super cool. 


Outfit: Eiffel Tower Scarf w/ Casual LBD

scarf c/o Oasap / dress (thrift) similar / shoes

I had my outfit all picked out Sunday morning, and was getting ready to head to church. So I figured I could make someone take my picture on the way out, but as soon as I stepped outside I realized that wasn't going to happen. That snow that was on my car after babysitting   had accumulated and was now about two inches deep in the yard, and the temperature had dropped about 10 degrees. So I headed back upstairs to have my OOTD pictures taken in my room which was surprisingly clean. 

 Scarf - The more that I get from Oasap the more I love their shop. I don't think I've regretted a single piece of clothing I've ordered from them, and this scarf is one of my favorites. It's similar to the tribal print scarf that I own in the fact that it's long enough to be used as a shawl, but I prefer to wear it in a circle around my neck. The light pink color and airy fabric add femininity to outfits, and even if I'm not a big Paris (except Hilton) or France fan the print is still cute. 

Dress - One of my very lucky finds on a Salvation Army thrift haul was this gorgeous designer knit dress. It doesn't really do anything for my curves, but it's so comfortable to wear, and with it's just above the knee length modest enough I can wear it to church.

Shoes - Of course I had to make my modest put together church outfit a little more fun, so I added my  favorite pair of shoes. They have about a five inch heel so when I'm wearing them I'm pushing 6 foot, which is never a bad thing. And they just make me look more edgy.  


Sophomore Year: Saturday busy with "Modeling", Babysitting

It feels like it's been forever since I've done a blog post just sharing what I did with my day, and I'm not sure why. I mean I love talking about what I've done (and documenting it), and just a year ago I did it every day, but lately not so much. But I'm doing it now! So that has to count for something, right?.. Anyways this is all about how I spent my Saturday, which was so busy until into Sunday that I couldn't blog about it until now. 

I woke up about 8 am, and figured I could do a little shopping, so I headed over to a pet store near my house to pick up two goldfish (I had a buy one get one free coupon) because my cat Cricket loves watching the fish in the tank we have at fun, and goldfish aren't as shy as the tropicals we have. After I took them home and got them in the tank I had to get ready to go to my "modeling" thing.

So I was four hours on my feet talking to a lot of different people, some of whom were quite shameless. I wish I could tell you guys all about it now, but I can't until I'm done with the contract. Since that ended about 4 p.m. and I didn't have to babysit until six I headed to the salvation army to check out their clothes. Unfortunately I didn't find anything for myself but I did end up with a very pretty Brooks Brothers sweater dress for my mother. Once I got to the house, they were already watching a movie, Harry Potter so for the next half an hour that's what we watched until the pizza came.  

 Once it did, the girl ran to the door and paid (meaning I didn't have to do anything) and we ate in the dinning room. I'm guessing that means they aren't allowed to eat in the living room? When we were done eating we did go back to the living room and watched cops for a half an hour until they decided on some silly plane movie that was cute. Once I got them to bed, a struggle but actually at ten this time I had time to hang out with the pets. 

Roundup: Beauty Reviews (Nov 10-16)

 Tweezit Tweezers - I used to have a huge thing about making sure my eyebrows looked perfect, not a hair out of place. Now that bushy brows are more in style I'm kind of regretting all that plucking but I still need a good pair of tweezers for random hairs so I figured I could try these out. 
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