How to Wear a Slip Dress (Casual Outfit Inspiration)

The weather has been really warm lately. Which is of course a good thing, bad thing. In my constant need to apply sunscreen, partially because I like pale skin but mostly to keep from sun damaging my skin I like to cover up. With the warm weather though that isn't as possible so I've been wearing a lot of shorts and loose dresses. One of my favorite styles, is the slip dress. I've talked about various ways to wear a slip dress but I wanted to put together a little guide on how to wear a slip dress in a casual way perfect for going to class or wearing out during the day. 

App Review: Kash Karnival

As you probably already know I love playing games on my phone. Before classes (and if I'm honest sometimes during a boring lecture), while waiting in line, and plenty of times I should be doing something else. While I normally like cumulative games like Clash of Clans, I also have a lot of fun playing mini games, and luck or chance types. So of course I was excited to see what Kash Karnival was all about once I'd heard of it. After two weeks of faithfully playing it I'm ready to talk about it with you guys!

Daisy Duke Chic Outfit Inspiration + Makeup

Today is the first official day of summer! Which is a little silly to celebrate because other than a mark on the calendar. We've had a lot of warm days already and school is out for everyone unless you're like me and have to do summer school. To "celebrate" this summer beginning though, even if it is just in name,  I wanted to put together a chic almost all black outfit. Of course since it's for warm weather I focused around daisy dukes while keeping the look modest and cute. 

Father's Day + Holding a Chicken

I hope everyone has had a great day spent with their fathers! I ended up going to my grandparents house, with my parents for the day. Originally I didn't really want to go because it's a two hour drive one way but I'm so glad that I decided to. All my aunts and uncles from that side of the family were there and so were most of my cousins. While I was there I had old frozen french fries to give the chickens, which of course I used as an excuse to go into their area. 

Latest Fashion Trends in Fitness

Being fit definitely goes hand in hand with being fashionable nowadays, and the fact that gym clothes have never been so attractive just proves this claim. Fitness has a major role in the fashion industry today, and many designers are turning to creating pieces appropriate for working out, which is absolutely fabulous according to our previous findings. Here are some of the hottest fashion trends in fitness, so stay with us and check them out.

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