Life at the End of April

 This week has been a rush, and for the next two weeks I can expect exactly the same. So sorry about saying I'll blog more once I'm done with finals. And I should have some new to share by then, I would love to now but it's not set yet! That being said I can share a little about my day. It was mostly a lazy lay around day. I started early working on a Creo Project (remember when I had trouble learning the software?) although I think it'll end up okay it is stressing me out. Although I was makeup free I did put on this Harry Potter bracelet I was given. 

How to Rock the Fringe Trend

Last week I talked about working culottes a hard to wear spring trend and since that was so popular I decided I could keep up with the fashion advice and style another spring look fringe. Outside of the whole Bohemian Outfit or Music Festival, it's something that can be a little hard to wear. For most of you this should be something you can wear to class, and is always just a cut running around outfit. 

  • Fringe Shirt - I've mostly seen the fringe trend on purses and shoes, but because I like to have more timeless pieces in those areas, I tend to gravitate towards more trendy tops. This black crop top with fringe that goes all the way to the pants is cute and carefree without showing a lot of skin.
  • Jeans - Of course since this look is young and fun I had to add an acid wash destroy pair of jeans. I love the cuffed legs and skinny fit too. 
  • Sunglasses - Until the day that I'm turned into cat woman I guess I'll have to stick to cat themed items like these vintage looking cat eye sunglasses. The rose tinted lenses soften the look, while the black frame keeps with the color scheme. 
  • Bag - This purse is exactly what I meant by timeless. It's simple chic, and can be used in so many outfits that it's a very necessary staple. The cross body cut is easy to carry around and the black color makes it super durable. 
  • Shoes - Awhile back I did a whole outfit posts on How to Wear Toms, and although my style has changed quite drastically they still have a place in my closet. In this look they're laid back and casual without being sneakers. 

Review: Dessange Oleo Miracle Hair Products

Whenever I receive an email informing me that I'm getting a VoxBox in the mail I'm always excited to see what's inside, be it a dry spray deodorant or a Valentines Day Set I have yet to be disappointed. So when I found out that what I was getting was a set of Dessange products I figured they'd be great even though I hadn't heard about them (though I did spot them in Target). After trying everything out I thought I could put together a little review of the three products that ended up being in my box all of which are for over processed and damaged hair, which is what I have. Each one has three precious oils, argan, camellia and pracaxi 

Dessange Paris Replenishing Shampoo - My first thought about this shampoo was that I was impressed with the fact that both in looks and in scent it's unisex, something that isn't that easy to find in drug store beauty. It doesn't take much to product to sud well and leaves my hair very clean without feeling dry. 

Dessange Paris Replenishing Conditioner - Whenever a conditioner says that it's for over processed and damaged hair I worry about it being heavy and hard to wash out, luckily I didn't have any issues with this Oleo Miracle one. It's smooth, totally gets rid of tangles and makes the ends of my hair look significantly better. 

Dessange Paris Replenishing Oil - Of course I was interested in trying out a serum made to nourish my hair. This made my dead ends look significantly better after one use without making my hair look oily or putting off a weird smell. 

Tax Day (if you live in the United States)

Today's the official last day to file your taxes. In honor of that I figured I could share a Beatles song with you guys.  

Three Weeks Until Summer

This weekend has been a bit of a blur. Friday was spent trying out all kinds of beauty products, and one very boring class at school, Saturday household chores and a little catch up for sleep. Then today I was able to play with makeup and some new colored contacts (they're actually a purplish grey contrary to the photo) that I think makes me look a bit like a Duggar girl, but that isn't such a bad thing. I did get to see my cousin and her four day old baby which was quite nice. 

But back to what I was meaning to say... I have three weeks left of school, and I cannot be happier about it. So soon enough I'll be back to blogging more regularly, maybe even daily, and of course being much less stressed. 
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