DIY Christmas Tree Cards + Wrapping Paper Envelopes

 Since Thanksgiving is officially over, I think I can now officially begin talking about Christmas. Of course the first thing that happens around my home is Christmas cards. The idea is to get them out, and timed perfectly so everyone gets them in their Friday mail. That doesn't always work out, but this year it has, and instead of store bought cards I decided it could be fun to do a DIY. Sure they aren't as much fun as those family photo type of Christmas Cards but since my family isn't about that I think homemade Christmas are the next best thing. These Christmas Tree Cards and Wrapping Paper Envelopes that they go into are very easy to make without many supplies and are budget friendly. 
 To start find cardstock in your color of choice. I then cut it to the size I wanted and printed "Merry Christmas from the Lei Family".  Then make your Christmas Tree. I used an embossing folder to create mine, however Stamping is also a fun idea. From there I filled the lines of the tree in with a green sharpie, Then glued sequins on for ornaments and glitter for the garland and star. Last sharpie on the tree skirt. And you're done with the card except for the signing. 
Originally I'd wanted to put the cards into clear envelopes but after consulting the post office it didn't seem like such a good idea so I came up with something cuter. Wrapping paper cards. Cut a 1 ft by 1 ft square. Then put the card in the middle and triangle fold the pieces in. Instead of tape I decided to use the address labels as the closure. 

Happy Thanksgiving! (Things I'm Thankful For)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. I spent the whole day at my grandparents country home, well and driving there. The above two pictures are of desserts sitting on a table in the sunroom and the vegetables on the kitchen island. There were of course the "main" foods but I didn't end up with a picture of them. I did end up with a few cute outfit photos, and awesome Caturday material with Moe the Cat. You'll be seeing those in the next few days I hope. Right now I figure I can share what I'm thankful for. Of course this isn't an exhaustive list but some of my top ones.

  • Family - As an only child with a parent who's an only child I don't have a huge family, and I think I like it that way. I'm close with a lot of them and I love being able to do things for them. Makes Christmas shopping a lot of fun. 
  • Friends - From the friends I've made through school, blogging, modeling etc I'm happy to have them all. That includes internet only friends. 
  • School - As much as I hate school I'm glad that I have it. I've changed so much since starting and I know some of it is because of it. It's also a bit of a safe place to figure out what I'm doing for the next little while in my life. 
  • My Blog - There's so much opportunity that I've had, both worked for and lucked into from my blog and every bit of it feels like a gift. 

Thanks for letting me share and feel free to share what you're thankful for with me! 

How to Wear A Pleated Skirt in Autumn


Fall /  Autumn is my favorite season for getting dressed up. You can wear long sleeves and cozy clothing without having to worry about getting too warm and you don't yet need big coats that cover up all your cute clothing underneath. I've done a few looks featuring Fall like a Sleepover Outfit and a Modern Day School Girl Outfit and so I thought this Guide on Wearing a Pleated Skirt, especially for the autumn fall season.  I wanted a look that's young and feminine but still casual.
  • Top - Although the norm is a nice blouse with a pleated skirt I wanted something that's not quite so uptight. So instead I went with a flannel plaid button down shirt. Reminds me a little of my Country Chic Outfit shirt, except a little more comfortable.  
  • Skirt - Pleated skirts might just feel like they're for school girls and cheerleaders but that isn't the case. I went with a standard black, just above the knee skirt that is cut to have a bit of a flow. 
  • Nail Polish - Although I've been trying to do makeup along with the outfit, I just added nail polish to this look. A simple black to match overall look of the outfit.
  • Shoes - To finish off this look, that reminds me a little of a How to Look Like Taylor Swift blog post I wanted to add a pair of ballerina flats. As much as I love high heels they just make a pleated skirt look wrong. These bow shoes however are nothing but cute. 

Review: Bella Reina Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen

One of my favorite makeup look to create is the famous cat eye. Awhile back when I reviewed the 2B Colours Cat eye liner I talked about how awesome a felt tip eyeliner was. So you can imagine that I was excited to hear that Mi Bella Reina wanted to send me one of their felt tip eyeliner pens. I'd previously talked about the Mi Bella Reina Drama Queen Nail Polish and their shimmer lip gloss. Since both of these were great I had high hopes before trying them out. 

Alright so this felt tip pen comes in a matte black plastic container, with a black pull of lid and silver lettering. It actually looks very similar to the Mi Bella Reina eyebrow pencil. Pulling open the lid the felt tip is large and quality made. The only problem I have with this eyeliner is that the brown color on the tube doesn't match the actual color pay off. 
Verdict: Minus the little packing error I absolutely love this Bella Reina Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen, it's flawless. The product is easy to hold and apply color pay off is fantastic and the felt tip doesn't bleed everywhere. A great job by Mi Bella Reina. 

What to Wear Black Friday Shopping

Top / Pants / Hat / Bag / Shoes

I know that today is #techtuesday but I figured that since this is a Black Friday outfit I'd get a pass on sharing it today. I mean isn't that how everyone buys their new computers, video games, cameras etc? But anyways. I wanted a look that's comfortable, durable, but still cute in case you're planning on shopping as a group with your friends, or your family if they think you'll be an embarrassment.  And it's something you can wear for that 12 hour straight shopping without losing it. 

  • Top - Sequin tops are always thought of as a New Years Eve kind of thing, but I think a little shine is good for any night time event (although some Black Friday Events start just after Thanksgiving or earlier). I love that this shirt is loose. 
  • Pants - Black Friday shopping is one of those times you can feel great about wearing your yoga pants outside of the studio. Instead of skinny leg ones, like what you might have seen in my running outfits I went with a wide leg pair. 
  • Hat - A cute colorful hat isn't just for keeping your ears warm on Black Friday. It's also great so that your shopping partners can more easily find you in all the crowd. This bright green knit one is perfect. 
  • Bag - Although my bag of choice is a backpack (probably because I'm a student), that doesn't exactly work in chaotic shopping. So instead I went with a clean classic cross-body purse. 
  • Shoes - As much as I love open shoes, when there's a high chance of getting your feet stepped on or run over by carts they aren't ideal. So I went with a black pair of sneakers. 
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