Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel, Review

I'm so happy that autumn is almost here. I've been wearing comfy clothing (lots of flannels and scarfs), and have been a little more lenient with my sunscreen application, and the fall foliage is so pretty. There's one thing that I don't like about fall, and it's that my skin gets super dry. I've been using a humidifier and serums every night but when it comes to cleansing my face it always feels dry and sometimes damaged. So when I was offered the Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel I immediately said yes looking to see if this cleanser can solve my problems. 

Anjou Essential Oils Set of 6, Review

It's the weekend! On Friday I was pretty excited until I read the announcement one of my teachers put up saying we'll have a test on Thursday. The school policy is a week notice for tests, but of course that must not apply to this teacher. Unfortunately it is the class I'm probably the most clueless in so instead of going to a theme park this weekend I'm stuck inside studying. However I wanted to take a little break in my studying, which consists of watching online lecture videos from other universities and going over old homework, to share a review with you guys. It's the Anjou Essential Oils set of their top six aromatherapy oils set. 

D'or24K Instant 60 Sec. Non-Surgical Eye Lift Syringe, Review

Last week I was sent the D'OR 24K Non Surgical Innovation serum. When it arrived in the mail (as a press sample) I didn't know a thing about it or the company. So of course being the excellent beauty blogger that I am (this is a complete exaggeration of my credentials but I did do a lot of research) I looked into what they were offering. From there I found out this serum is being sold on the D'or24K site for $650, and I couldn't believe it was being sent to me. Most of the skincare products I review are between $20 and $60 so this would be way out of my league, since I'm not know to do "luxury" skincare reviews. This and the fact I couldn't find much of anything about the company online other than their own claims lead me to think that the D'or24k non-surgical eye lift syringe was in fact a scam. Because I didn't just want to just assume that though, I'm sharing with you guys a full review including a video trying out the serum as well as before and after photos. 

First time Making Jack-O'-Lanterns

It's almost Halloween, which might just be my favorite holiday. Since I had a little more time with it being fall break and all, I decided to do something fun! My friend and I made Jack-O'-Lanterns something neither of us have done before. He hasn't done them because he isn't American and I on the other hand have no excuse. Always we decided to stop at Aldi and get two big pumpkins for $2 each. 

HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection, Review

I've been incredibly busy with my classwork lately, and even though I just got off of Fall Break, I feel like I could use at least a week longer before having to get into school work. Unfortunately though, none of the administrators at my school care what I think, so I guess it's just back at hit until Thanksgiving break. Luckily though it hasn't been all bad because I've been trying out this Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection that the people over at HASK were nice enough to send to me. 
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