I'm almost where I want to be

Back in high school I remember making a mental list of what I wanted to do while I was in college, and what kind of person I wanted to become. Since then I've reevaluated these "goals" of mine , but a few of the basic things about what I wanted to spend my time doing stayed the same. I wanted to continue going to school full time, toward my engineering degree, have a part time internship during the school year, and have most of my weekends filled with modeling jobs, like the hair one I talked about. All while being able to maintain my blog with posts at least a few times a week. 

This semester, when I wasn't even thinking about all of my lofty goals, it seems like everything has fallen together in that regard. Of course they aren't perfect. School is still hard and stressful, my (paid) internship is a little boring, and the modeling job I have for the rest of the semester isn't print but an hourly spokesmodel gig that I was "strongly persuaded" to do (but more on that later). I also need to work on the whole posting more often thing...

That said, I'm really proud of myself. A year ago, or even six months ago I would have been too shy to go to a job interview or a photo shoot, and now, it's no big deal. I feel like I've been come more of an adult too, and not just because of my new dark circles. I still have a few things I need to work on, and two very specific goals that need a lot of work for me to achieve, but I'm a whole lot closer than I was even a few months ago. 

Brocato Shoot (a.k.a. why I'm no longer Blonde)


Previously I've done a little bit of modeling but this gig I just happened on by chance. I was searching around on the internet, for student films, and somehow came across a listing that was looking for models for a hair dye advertisement. On a whim I sent in two photos, a simple selfie and an older modeling shot and got a message back saying the photographer liked my look but there was one condition... I'd have to dye my hair brown. At first I thought no way, but the shoot was scheduled for the weekend before school started, and I wasn't doing anything else. Plus I've never been anything but a blonde so I figured it would be fun.
First I had to go to a fancy salon and make sure my hair was able to be dyed. Thanks to a little help from a hair mask I had passed the initial test and was able to go in on a Sunday and do the dying. There were two other girls there a redhead and a blonde that weren't getting nearly as extreme of a change as I was. It wasn't too long before I was in the chair, first they put in colors since I was almost bleach blonde and let that sit for awhile. Then a few goes at the brown dye and five hours later my hair was done. Then on to wardrobe and I was done for the day. 
On Monday I came in bright and early 8 am and quickly went to hair and makeup. I had no idea how long the two of those things could take. So long that we only got in 2 1/2 looks in which I was a little sad about. As you can see though by my selfies things like false bobs and completely changed makeup does take a bit of time. 

The photographer, Josh Flowers, was great to work with, I don't have any complaints. And his partner, Kaite Butler who did all of the fixing (and putting together the wardrobe) was awesome. I do have to say though that I did have a little trouble with the group shots. It was my first time doing it, and it's so hard to see what look everyone else is going for. Something I need more practice on for sure. 

The whole shoot lasted about eight hours and by the end I was exhausted, never have I done such a long shoot. Hurrying up to change and then sitting in a chair and being yanked around for quite awhile and then rushing to get ten minutes of photos in was a little stressful, and it got so hot in the studio. That said, the whole thing was a lot of fun. The other girls were great and all the hair and makeup ladies (and one guy) were all so nice. 

Oh yeah, both days they provided a great lunch. 

Outfit: Skeleton Sweater & Heavy Makeup


Halloween is almost here, which you might know is my favorite holiday. I mean I LOVE Christmas but it's always so stressful trying to find the right gifts for everyone that I have to drop it to second place on my list of holidays. Anyways... For my outfit I decided on a little Halloween inspiration given by my skeleton print sweater, dark eyeliner and blood red lips. Adding a pair of jeans and combat boots, makes this an outfit you can wear anytime though. As a side note ignore my squinty eyes, it was really bright out!
 Sweater - As soon as I saw this sweater I had to have it. Lucky for me it was fairly cheap so I was able to also get the very cool Game Over Sweatshirt along with it. It's light weight and very soft as well as comfortable to wear. I just wish it were a little longer so I didn't have to wear a tank underneath it. 

Jeans - These jeans are my go to pair. They've worked for so many outfit that even though they're a little on the expensive side they're well worth it. The fit is perfect for me, and they're stretchy so it isn't a chore getting them on. 

Boots - I wanted to make my outfit a little more edgy than I normally go for so I went with a pair of dark combat boots, aiming for the look of a grave digger or some sort of creepy dirty job. If I wanted to be more "glamours" I would have went with my spiked shoes


Outfit: Tribal Print Scarf


Fall, or Autumn if you're fancy, is already here. With all my school work and new internship I didn't even notice it came up. Luckily though I realized it in time to but together a warm weather outfit for this season, that's actually quite simple. Just an outfit that's easy to put on and wear around. Around town I'd wear the scarf tied across my neck and for school as a shawl. The photo below is me sneezing. 
 Scarf - I'm loving this scarf from Oasap. Not only does it look great with a jacket around my neck, but as a shawl too! The black and white tribal print goes with just about any solid colored piece of clothing I own. My favorite thing about the scarf though is how soft it is.

Jeans - Pretty much just your average pair of jeans. The medium color is easy to pair with most outfits, and of course I like that they're skinny legged. The higher waist isn't a bad thing either. 

Shoes - These silver flats are my go to pair of shoes until winter. Not only are they easy to put on and comfy to wear but they go with just about anything. Actually I have a gold pair just like them the outfits the silver pair doesn't work for. 

Tank - Normally I only wear these kind of tanks under thin shirts, and I kind of wish I'd have kept with that. It just isn't flattering. I do have to say though that the tank is a pretty color. 


Outfit: Star Print T-Shirt


So I just had did an outfit post wearing a very cute sweatshirt with game over written on it and the pictures turned out fantastic if I do say so myself.  So when I went to take pictures for this star print t-shirt outfit I assumed that they'd turn out just as well. Of course though that isn't the case, but at least my outfit is still kind of cute.  It's a little more edgy than I'd wear to school, but perfect for an after class outfit. And it is still comfortable to wear. 

 Shirt - Can I just say I love this shirt? I mean it has a great pattern, an easy to wear cut and works with so many different looks. I can wear it tucked into a high waisted skirt, with an color of jeans, and even with yoga pants for a very relaxed look. 

Jeans - Recently I've stepped away from wearing color jeans and went with the regular blue kind, and sometimes black for my everyday wear. To make this outfit a little more fun though I figured I should go with a bright pink pair.

Shoes - You've seen this pair of booties around a lot, and that is no mistake. I bought them last year and they're probably the best money I've spent on a pair of shoes. They go with so many different outfits and can be dressed up or down. Best of all though they're comfortable.  

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