Review: One Direction UV Beauty Sets


Awhile back, this summer to be more specific, I was given the chance to try out the 1D Makeup Looks Collection which was their first foray into makeup. All of the makeup was fantastic. So of course I was super excited to be able to try out their three new sets that they came out with, all of which are UV meaning they look extra fancy under black lights, perfect for clubbing, or concerts. Overall I'm very impressed with the sets. Both the quality of the products, and the packaging, although I have to say I'm a little disappointed there isn't a lipstick version. 

Electroglam Mascara - I was surprised when, after reading the packing, that this mascara is actually colored, blue, yellow, and pink, something that I've never seen before. There is a little bit of a trick to applying it but the payoff is pretty good, and they make for a very fun look. 

Liquilights Lip Gloss - These glow glosses, are some of the prettiest lip products, both in color and packaging that I've seen. Even prettier than a lot of high end department store brands. All of the colors are soft and the glosses apply easily and feel nice on. 

UV Nail Varnish & Glitter Toppings -  Other than the bottles not being the easiest to open and close (a drawback of the stylish rectangular lid) the nail polish is perfect. The variety between a sheer silver and two opaque colors in blue and pink are fun. My favorite part of the nail set has to be the the glitter toppings. You can either brush on the glitter for a little extra sparkle, or dip in your whole nail for a drastic look. 


Review: Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit

Something that I'm sure you've noticed from my outfit of the day posts is that I have bad eyebrows. They're thin and sparse, which is bad enough on it's own but when you add in the fact that they are multi colored (dark brown and blonde) so when the people over at Billion Dollar Brows offered to send me their pest sellers kit I just about freaked out. I mean it's everything I need all in one compact little box. Of course I had to share the results with you guys so I did a brief rundown of each of the products inside and if you click the link you can hop over to my full review.

Brow Gel - My eyebrows get crazy throughout the day. That's without even putting on makeup so brow gel is something that'd been on my list for awhile. I'm quite impressed with this one from Billion Dollar Brows for it's all day hold and fast dry time

Duo Highlighter and Concealer - There are a few makeup looks that having thick brows, isn't a good thing, and hiding mine is a pain. They're thick and until this duo highlighter and concealer I didn't think anything would work.

Eyebrow Pencil - If you have blonde hair, black hair, brown hair, or even red hair the one brow color that'll work is a warm brown so I was very excited to see this pencil as a part of the kit. It's soft and natural and the brush.

Smudge Brush and Pencil Sharpener - For a beginner kit these two are perfect, and since I'm always losing sharpeners I think they're perfect. Both look good and work well. 

A Visit to Columbus Animal Shelter

 This afternoon I went with the other intern to visit the local animal shelter since it is on the air park. Of course since I love animals and have a used cat myself  I was very excited. It was easy to get there, they're right off Arnold St and easy to spot with their unique building. Actually I was impressed enough with the building that as soon as I got out of the car I took a picture of the artwork on the side. It's colorful and as all different kinds of cartoon animals drawn on it. 

Thursday Internship then School, Boring then Fun

 I know it's a day later, but I figured I could do one of those my day blog posts. I hope to start doing them weekly, but with finals two weeks from now, and next week me spending my very little free time (thanks to my "modeling" on the weekends and extra hours at my internship) I don't know if that'll happen just yet. But very soon I'll have free time. Anyways back to my day...

I started out at 6:30 brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, and was out the door by 7:50 headed to my internship. I'm the first one in (I have keys) and I'm supposed to make coffee but my boss forgot to bring filters, which I wish he'd told me before I got there because I could have gotten them. I organized a few things and opened mail until my main boss came in. I went into his office to ask him if he'd had a chance to review my project so I could move forward with it. When I walked in he was reading the newspaper, and said he didn't have a chance yet, even though it was only like two pages. So I headed back to the main office desk (I'm sort of filling in for the office manager while she's on medical leave) and answered the phone once. Right before his meeting he came to talk to me and said I could "read the newspaper". So instead I decided that meant I could do a little homework. 

What to Wear for Freezing Weather

Jeans / Coat / Shirt / Hat / Boots

For a few days we had fairly warm weather. I mean it wasn't awesome, but good enough that I could wear a skirt (with tights!) and not die due to coldness. Now it seems that weather is past us. Yesterday there was freezing rain and then this morning snow so, I decided I would put together a cozy and comfortable, but most importantly WARM outfit to wear in cold weather. This look is inspired by an OOTD of mine that I remade into a more elegant look, that's a little more cozy too. 
  • Jeans - I think the staple to any outfit, not including formal ones of course, is a nice pair of medium wash skinny jeans. Of course you have to also love the fact that they are lightly distressed. 
  • Coat - As soon as I saw this coat, I was in love. The deep red color is gorgeous and the simple swing cut is not only flattering but high end looking. The asian inspired high neckline is a nice addition style wise, and to keep the wearer warm
  • Shirt - Flannel shirts, especially plaid patterned ones, are the best in the winter. Fitted ones are actually pretty flattering, and of course they're all comfortable. I think it keeps the look from being too "polished"
  • Hat - Ever since doing an outfit post on how to wear beanies I've been loving them. They're perfect for adding an element of cool to your look. Or if you're like me and have blonde roots that you need to hid. 
  • Boots - These boots are so cute. Originally I did a guide to wearing the pink pair  and I found out I wasn't the only one who loved the shoes so I added UGG Australia's newer version which is taller and in brown to this look to make it a tad more girly. 
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