Visiting the Marion County Fair

 As sort of a yearly thing I went with my friends to the Marion County Fair, compared to my county's fair it's quite small and not too much going. Funny when you consider that Marion is bigger population wise since it's Indianapolis. The weather was cool, perfect for something like my county fair outfit. Arriving we saw protesters (more on that later) and going to park was a bit of trouble because the whole place was mud, actually saw a car stuck in it. However we did find a place that was good enough and headed to the midway. Because not much was going on there we then decided to look at the crafts and such indoors because I'm not the only old lady in young person's body. 

What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert


There are so many fun activities to do in the summer, but one of my favorites lately is going to outdoor concerts. I talked about this in my Guide on Wearing Fringe, and since that was pretty popular I figured I could do an outfit that's specifically for music festivals and outdoor concerts. For this look I combined a few different trends, without making it too busy or letting one style overtake the whole piece. 

  • Top - This summer, like last, it's been all about crop tops. I've even done a guide on how to wear a crop top  but this time around I went with something a bit more modest. I love the three layer look and eyelet trim on this tank, plus such a pretty orange goes with almost anything. 
  • Shorts - I'm loving the high waisted shorts trend. They're comfortable and have a fun vintage feel, and as long as you make sure your butt is covered (trust me I've seen girls where this isn't the case) nothing can go wrong. The medium color and destroy wash make this pair easy to make with an outfit. 
  • Bag - Lets just stop for a minute and appreciate how cute this pineapple bag is. Other than the cute design I added this bag because of it's bright yellow color and because it's a cross body bag because safety of mind does make any event more fun. 

Roundup: End of June Beauty Tool Reviews

Along with trying out a variety of different beauty products this month I decided I could also do a little review round up of beauty tools that I'm really loving because there are so many out there competing. I was given each of these to try out, and since taking this all together picture each one has going through testing to see just how good it is. 

  • Effenfine Tweezer Set - Finding the proper tweezer to get specific hair out isn't easy. Often instead of pulling out a hair it'll clip the hair, or break it meaning I'll be back in the same spot in a few days. This EffenFine set has three different tweezers each in a durable metal so you know you'll find a winner. 
  • Natural Loofa - I'm so used to plastic loofas like my principessa one that I when these natural loofas were offered to me I didn't exactly know what they were. However now that I've tried them, I love them. They lather well, feel nice on my skin and I love the pad on the back so they're easy to hold. 
  • Rollerballs & Lotion Sticks - As I get more and more into essential oils like peppermint I've become interested in making my own mini perfumes and lotions. Buying these small packs of empty rollerballs and lotion sticks is a great way to make my product look more legit even if it's just for me. 
  • Kojac Sponge - Cleaning my face is something I always forget to do. By the time I go to bed I'm just ready. However with a Kojac Sponge its actually pleasant to wash my face so its easier to remember to do. Plus the charcoal absorbs so much.
  • Clearline Clippers - Has anyone every used  nail clippers that pull instead of cut, because I have and its terrible. Not only are these Clearline Clippers great at their intended job but they also have a cute design. 
  • Aurora Sky tweezers - Sometimes you just need a utilitarian tweezer to pluck your eyebrows. For me this Aurora Sky tweezer is great for throwing into my purse and not having to worry about until I need it. It's perfect for thicker hairs. 

Roundup: End of June Beauty Product Reviews

 June has been crazy for me I've had a ton of school and some promotional modeling work so sorry if you've been missing out on seeing all of my beauty reviews. However in a hope that I can at least sort of make it up to you I had a round up of beauty product reviews for you guys. I've split this blog post up into two different sections, things that are meant for the body, and things that are for the face. 
  • RejuveNaturals LLC - Argan oil is one of those things you have to love. It's great for a variety of different purposes and I can tell you that RejuveNaturals has got it right. It comes in a big glass bottle, with a dropper dispenser, and will last a long time thanks to the dark color. 
  • Palm Tree Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - I've been using coconut oil in my vegan stir fry forever but the thought to use it on skin never occurred to me. However I'm glad Palm Tree introduced me to using it on the skin. it's lighter than shea butter and absorbs faster while still providing a whole lot of moisture.  
  • Crystalline Salts Foot And Shoe Deodorizer - I'd like to think that I'm someone that doesn't have stinky feet, and for the most part that's true. However when it's terribly hot out that is no longer the case and I've been happy to have Crystalline around. It's all natural and completely gets rid of odor. 
  • Crystalline Salts Deodorant - As much as I love my drug store antiperspirants like Secret Stress Response I've been looking for something more natural. It's made with mineral salts harvested from Thailand, dries instantly, doesn't leave stains and actually works well. 
Wonderpiel Serum - I'm all about keeping my skin looking and feeling healthy. So of course when I was given the chance to try a serum that is made to make my skin look better I was interested in giving it a try. It's a Vitamin C serum so it's great for getting rid of sun damage and it feels so nice going on my skin.

Ultimate Smile Inc Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Vitamin C - Hyaluronic acid is amazing for moisturizing skin. So amazing in fact that if I use it every day my skin gets too dewy, something I didn't think could be a problem in the middle of winter. 

Perfect Image Salicylic 20% Gel Peel - Scars are often something that just happens. You can use prevention, like not messing with acne spots and using lotions regularly. This peel is perfect for removing minor blemish marks and wrinkles, and it doesn't irritate the skin. 

Gentlemen's Beard Oil - I think that its mostly males who like facial hair. However if you can't keep the men in your life from shaving, there is a happy medium. Beard Oil. With Gentlemen's it comes in a masculine glass bottle, smells pleasant and makes facial hair feel so much nicer. 

Complete Skin Solutions - Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is great for skin and I'm honestly surprised I don't see it in more skincare products. This Complete Skin Care Solutions product makes my skin feel smoother, fuller and healthier. 

Elma & Sana Argan Oil - Often most people, me included, think of argan oil just as a product for hair. However it can make a great all natural facial moisturizer. It is light weight and absorbs moderately quickly into skin. 

Beneleaf Aging Skin Care Under Eye Masks - These eye masks are the gold version of the Beneleaf Under Eye Masks and feel fantastic on. You simply wash your face, apply under your eyes and just let it sit. Once your done, puffyness is immediately reduced. 

Loreal Walmart Beauty Promotion

 Back when I was a brunette (it wasn't that long ago) I did an in store beauty promotion for Loreal. When I was contacted for this event I immediately said yes, because 1. the locations are very convenient, 2. I've actually colored my hair myself 3. And this might be the most important Loreal doesn't test on animals, so I can represent them without any issue. Plus for such an easy gig the pay was good, and that's always hard to pass up. But about the event. 

 After arriving at the Walmart, my first day was on Friday afternoon, and then two dates on Saturday I checked in via the mobile site of the company I was doing the promotion through. My Friday event didn't have the proper material for me to do my demo so I got to leave early but my Saturday demo did. To get it I had to go to the beauty area of the store, find that manager and then go to the back (sort of a creepy place in Walmart) and then find a white envelope with a pink sticker. The envelope wasn't that noticeable and I'm not surprised the first store didn't find it. 

 Inside the envelope was a very pretty Loreal Paris black shopping bag with gold lettering. It was to hold the information packets I was passing out. The packets overall weren't too bad, they had dye suggestions and stuff, but the coupons included were terrible. You had to buy two to use it and the discount wasn't that much. It's hard enough to get someone to buy one of a product they haven't tried forget two. Luckily there wasn't any sort of sales quota and I was just going from the hair dye to the shampoos talking to people and passing out the booklets. 

 Here's the outfit that I was required to wear. All black, hair down and makeup done. They wanted us to have shoulders covered but I thought a three inch tank sleeve was good enough, or else I'd look like a ninja. Below are some of the very tempting hair dyes that were calling to me when I was there. 

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