Rewired, Book Review

Rewired by Dr. Ajay K. Seth

A raccoon bite on the arm doesn’t seem that serious, but it soon becomes a life-or-death medical crisis for Melissa Loomis. After days of treatment for recurring infection, it becomes obvious that her arm must be amputated. Dr. Ajay Seth, the son of immigrant parents from India and a local orthopaedic surgeon in private practice, performs his first-ever amputation procedure. In the months that follow, divine intervention, combined with Melissa’s determination and Dr. Seth’s disciplined commitment and dedication to his patients, brings about the opportunity for a medical breakthrough that will potentially transform the lives of amputees around the world.
Rewired is the inspirational, miraculous story of Dr. Seth’s revolutionary surgery that allows Melissa to not just move a prosthetic arm simply by thinking, but to actually feel with the prosthetic hand, just as she would with her natural arm. This resulted in what others have recognized as the world’s most advanced amputee, all done from Dr. Seth’s private practice in a community hospital, using a local staff, and with no special training or extensive research funding.

My thoughts: First of all I did receive this book for review but that doesn't change my opinion in any way. When I first got this book I was afraid that it'd be a hard read. You know lots of medical terminology and very dry. Luckily that isn't the case. Rewired is absolutely amazing and I learned so much for reading it. A big inspiration. 

Praying God's Will for Your Life

Praying God's Will for Your Life by Stormie Omartian 

For years Stormie Omartian prayed the prayer, "Change my husband, Lord." Then she realized that she had to pray for herself -and examine her own heart - before she could pray effectively for him. Her prayer become, "Change me, Lord." In this book, she presents that process for all wives who want the power to pray for themselves and their husbands.
In the first six days readers consider how to develop or maintain an intimate relationship with the Father. During the next six days they look at the Power Tools that feed this intimat
Praying God's Will for Your Life is ideal for women who have read Stormie's bestselling books on prayer and want to move deeper into the power of prayer.
My Thoughts: I have to start by saying that I was given this book so I could review it but that doesn't effect how I feel about it at all. Stormie Omartian really took a new spin with this book. She combined biblical stories with her life lessons and story. This book is fantastic for small groups (think church book study)!

In The Shadow of Croft Towers, Book Review

In the Shadow of Croft Towers, By Abigail Wilson 

When Sybil Delafield’s coach to Croft Towers was robbed by highwaymen, she should have realized that her new position as companion to old Mrs. Chalcroft would be no ordinary job. Upon Sybil’s arrival, Mrs. Chalcroft sneaks into her room in the dark of night, imploring her to relay messages to town that are to stay hidden from the rest of the family. Who exactly is she working for and what do the messages contain?
When fellow passengers of the robbed coach are later murdered, Sybil’s hunt for the truth takes on a new urgency. The only person she can rely on is Mr. Sinclair, Mrs. Chalcroft’s godson, but under all his charms he too leads a double life. Sybil must decide if he is the one honest voice she can trust, or if he is simply using her for his own advances.
With murderers, smugglers, and spies on the loose, nothing—and no one—in Regency England is what they claim. Can Sybil even trust what she knows about herself? 
My Thoughts: I have a few genres I love reading and In the Shadow of Croft Towers really covers them all. So I was very excited when I was offered the chance to review it by the publisher. Of course this doesn't change my opinion of the book in any way. The time period, and location of England is absolutely perfect and Abigail Wilson puts it together so well. There were so many different things going on in the book, that it really kept my attention. A wonderful read. 

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Indivisible, Book Review

Indivisible Novelization by Travis Thrasher
One Marriage. One Family. Under God

Inspired by true events, Indivisible is a story of love, service, and finding each other all over again.
Darren and Heather Turner share a passion for serving God, family, and country. When Darren is deployed to Iraq as an army chaplain, Heather vows to serve military families back home as she cares for the couple’s three young children.
Darren knows he’s overseas to support the troops in their suffering as their chaplain. What he doesn’t know is how he will get through his own dark moments. And as communication from Darren dwindles, Heather wonders what is happening in her husband’s heart. Meanwhile, she’s growing weary in the day-to-day life of a military base—each child’s milestone Darren will never see, each month waiting for orders, each late-night knock on the door.
When Darren returns, he is no longer the husband Heather once knew. She is no longer the woman Darren wed. And so it’s at home that the Turners face their biggest battle: to save their marriage.
Based on the screen play by David Evans, Indivisible is a tribute to the beauty of serving our country, the courage of choosing love in the darkness, and the power of a God who never gives up hope.

My Thoughts: When I first heard about Indivisible, it was in movie format. When I saw that the publisher had it offered for review (per usual this doesn't effect my opinion of the book) I was excited to see what it was all about. Immediately I got into the book because it's based on a true story, and it really feels like a look into this family's life. A really eye opening book about those in the military.