Courage, Dear Heart: Book Review

Courage, Dear Heart by Rebecca K. Reynolds 

“The world is broken. I am broken. And my need is dire.”

This stark revelation is the path to divine surrender. Our courage has a chance to flourish when we reach a point where we have no control and nothing to lose.

In a series of letters, Rebecca Reynolds uses imagery to breathe truth to the lonely, the weary, the restless, and afraid. If you feel the ache of brokenness, you will be refreshed by the source of all courage illuminated in these pages. God is available and wants to join you, in the midst of any mess. You can take heart. As Aslan of Narnia whispered (and only Lucy heard), Courage, dear heart.

My Thoughts: I was immediately interested in this book when I saw the publisher was offering it. If you're facing chaos this book is for you. Rebecca Reynolds understands what that is like, especially in the modern age. She offers hope and advice in the form of letters that are inspirational and helpful.

An Amish Family, Book Review

An Amish Family by Kathleen Fuller

Building Trust
Grace Miller and Joel King are in love. They’ve dated secretly for the past year and when he proposes marriage, Grace eagerly agrees. But when she tells her parents about the wedding, she’s shocked when her father tells her she can’t marry Joel. Can Grace get to the bottom of her father’s animosity toward Joel so they can have the happily ever after she’s always dreamed of?
A Heart Full of Love (also in An Amish Cradle)
Ellie’s mother hasn’t stopped meddling in her personal life since Ellie lost her sight—and she’s taken it up a notch now that Ellie’s pregnant. When Ellie gives birth to twins, her mother insists on moving in to care for them. But when her mother’s behavior becomes unbearable, Ellie is forced to take a stand . . . and finally find out why Mamm can’t let go.
Surprised by Love
In a desperate move to evade her match-making mother, Emily Schwartz announces that she’s already seeing someone: Reuben Coblentz. The trouble is, Reuben is barely even a friend. Seeing how desperate she is, Reuben plays along. But when the past sneaks up on them, will this temporary arrangement turn into everlasting love?
A Gift for Anne Marie (also in An Amish Second Christmas)
Anne Marie and Nathaniel have been best friends since they were kids. Now things are evolving . . . in ways everyone else predicted long ago. But when her mother suddenly decides to remarry in another state, Anne Marie’s new chapter with Nathaniel looks doomed to end before it begins.

My Thoughts: *First of all I have to start by saying that this book was sent to me by the publisher but that it doesn't effect my opinion of it in any way. Reading a big novel can be incredibly fulfilling however normally I don't have nearly enough time to finish a big book before starting to forget what happened at the beginning. Thats' why I love books that have a combination of smaller stories like An Amish Family. Each of the stories stand on their own and they're all beautifully written. Perfect for a relaxing Saturday, especially if you love the amish and romance combination genre. 

NKJV Early Readers Bible, Book Review

Help your kids get excited about learning God's Word! The NKJV Early Readers Bible offers the respected New King James Version® translation and 192 pages of helpful maps, charts, articles, study tools, and more. It's the perfect first full-text Bible for children ages 7 to 10, and it comes in a fun, shiny foil cover they will love.
The NKJV Early Readers Bible offers tons of extra resources to help your children understand what they are reading, at a very affordable price. Your kids will love the shiny foil cover, and the text is printed in a large-print type, so it's easier for them to read. This engaging Bible also includes 192 pages of helpful maps, charts, articles, and study tools such as:
  • Book introductions
  • Illustrated word list
  • Reading plans
  • Scripture memorization plans
  • Important prayers from men and women in the Bible
  • Teaching articles
  • Full-color illustrated biblical and secular timeline
  • Informative charts and graphs
  • Maps, concordance, and more
  • Full-color presentation and record pages
This Bible is a wonderful first Bible for early readers to help them know God, understand His Word, hide it in their hearts, and build important Christian character traits in their lives.
My Thoughts: Bibles can be pretty intimidating for early readers, and getting a good mix of easy/fun to read and consistent with the original version can be hard. So I was interested in reviewing this Early Readers Bible to see if it passed the test, when it was offered to me by the publisher so I could do so. First of all I love the pink glittery cover (although it might scare off some boys). The print is big and easy to read and there is a good amount of illustrations and diagrams to further illustrate things. The latter is great for kids who might get hung up without it. Overall a great book for readers 7+. 

Trying Teasia Coffee + Giveaway

You might have heard of Teasia. They're a well known brand that offers a huge variety of teas, known for being high quality. I've actually shared about their k-cup variety pack before which my family loves, so I was very excited when Teasia contacted me about their latest product.  

I was sent three different varieties of their whole bean coffee to try out. 

Costa RicaCoffee from the interior mountains of Costa Rica are known to be relatively heavy-bodied with a complex and fragrant aroma. It is grown in high altitutes and has a lively taste with high acidity.

Smooth body with high acidity - chocolate flavor is highlighted with caramelized sugars with surprising hints of tangerine and cantaloupe.

Panama Boquete - The area of Panama where these coffee trees grow has the ideal growing climate - increased precipitation and shade protection. Due to the humid conditions and ample shade, the coffee beans develop at a slower pace making them much more flavorful.

 Crisply acidic with a light slighty earthy body and fruit flavors such as cherry, peach, and orange with an undertone of cinnamon.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Known as some of the highest quality Arabica coffee beans in the world, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is known for its high quality unique fragrance and distinctive flavor.

Bright acidity with an exotic flavor of spice and herbs and clear floral notes.

Trying each of them, I was absolutely impressed. The quality is superb, and I honestly can't pick a favorite blend. I'm not the only one who thinks that either. On the amazon listings for their coffee there is nothing but good reviews, and happy customers. 

Now time for the Giveaway! 

Teasia is offering prizes for two lucky readers. 

Prize 1: Teasia Mug + two 8 oz single origin roasted coffee beans (Brazil Fazenda, Colombia Huila)

Prize 2: Three 8 oz single origin roasted coffee beans (Brazil Fazenda, Colombia Huila and El Salvador)

To enter use the rafflecopter 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can check out all their flavors and order from amazon HERE

Continental U.S. Entrants Only Please, One winner per residence please. Does not qualify for entrants who has already won a Teasia giveaway.

The Hundred Story Home, Book Review

The Hundred Story Home by Kathy Izard 

Kathy Izard was a graphic designer, wife, mother of four daughters, and volunteer at Charlotte’s Urban Ministry Center when an unlikely meeting with formerly homeless author Denver Moore changed the course of her life. Inspired by Denver’s challenge to do more than serve in this soup kitchen, Kathy quit her job to take on what seemed like an unimaginable task in her second half of life—to build housing for Charlotte’s homeless. 
Woven together in this motivational story of a call to social action is Kathy’s personal journey to define the meaning of home and her own struggle with faith, family, and fulfillment. Reading this book will not only make you believe you can change the world, it will also end up changing you. 
"Kathy Izard tells two compelling stories in one: About her journey toward fulfilling her life's purpose and about Charlotte's journey to finally treating its chronically homeless with compassion and dignity. Each has twists and turns, each has a happy ending.” —Taylor Batten, Editorial Page Editor, The Charlotte Observer

My Thoughts: I was offered this book by the publisher so I could review it, and I was immediately drawn to the beautiful cover (yes I know the saying not to judge a book by it's cover). What was inside was even better. This is an honest autobiography about personal grown and success of a professional, who found themselves lacking purpose. Her transformation is inspiring and amazing. A great read for anyone going through a spiritual crisis. 
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