Fitness Friday: #BeFitAllYear Review

If you remember in my New Years Goals I was pretty adamant about wanting to get in shape. It can start to get a little harder as you get away from the New Year and into regular life. You know the stresses, bad eating habits and life in general gets in the way of your goals. 

Luckily I've had a little help from the people at BeFit this past month and they're really made a difference. Both for burning fat (for weight loss) and building muscle which is my ultimate goal. Here's the first video!

From there you can check out the 30 day calendar  which will help you figure out which workout to do each day, and you can watch the matching video (here's the whole playlist) and it even tells you what that workout will help your body for. The videos are great for beginners to intermediate work outs which is exactly where I am. I can feel the work out, and am tired with out super sore muscles the next day. 


In addition to trying out their work out videos and planner (which is totally free so you should do it too!) I was given a few of their products to try out for the month. I'm not normally a supplement person but these BeFit products were too tempting to ignore, and I'm glad I did use them because they're really been helping me meet my goals. 

Whey Protein - Since I don't eat meat, getting enough protein can be a bit of a challenge for me, so I was especially interested in this supplement. Just put one scoop in for 4-6 oz of cold water and shake. It's low calorie and tastes good as well as having 44% of the daily suggested protein. Best of all might be that it is appetite curbing which I for sure have needed. 

Burn - Alright so these veggie capsules are made to promote weight loss, help mobilize fats for energy, support blood sugar levels, and increase thermogenesis. They say to take two before your biggest meal of the day (don't exceed four a day) but I go with one instead and they help me in so many ways without over stimulating the nervous system. 

Pre Workout - This pre workout is made to boost energy, increase endurance, increase focus, and provide electrolytes. Just mix one scoop for 4-5 oz of water and drink 15 minutes before you work out. It helped me get enough energy and motivation to work out without making me crash later. 

Outfit: Pink Coat + Bow Boots

This week was rough! I had two tests, a lab, two homework assignments and a quiz all due on Wednesday so sorry for neglecting this space. Luckily I don't have any classes on Friday so I do however have a cute outfit to share with you guys. Like a lot of my school outfits as of lately it's pretty casual and I actually managed to have my winter coat on for these photos. 


Sunglasses - I was given these awhile back (by a friend) and I still find myself wearing them regularly. The color tint is pretty, both on the inside and out, and the dark color is easy to match to outfits. 

Coat - I've worn this coat before in an all red outfit, and while it isn't a super warm coat I love it. For this look I think it makes the outfit look a little more put together. 

Sweater - I know you can barely see the sweater but it's there! Although I'm sure a few people have problems with wearing pink tighter but I did a whole outfit guide on wearing purple and pink together.

Jeans - Skinny Jeans are my favorite style of jeans which you probably know if you've seen very many of my outfit photos. The light color of this pair is perfect to keep the bright coat in check. 

Boots - I'm loving these boots. They're super soft with fuzzy fabric on the inside and are incredibly warm. The grey color is great for a lot of outfits and I love the bows. 



Review: Valentia Plumping Hydration Mask

Since school has been in session my stress level has been crazy. It's one homework assignment after another followed by lab write ups, quizzes and tests. Because of all that my skin isn't looking the best.  So when Valentia offered to send me their Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask I was immediately interested. I'd previously tried the Even Glow Serum and Organic Rosehip Oil from Valentia and liked both so I had high hopes for this Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask.

Alright so this comes in a white cardboard box with the Valentia name and product information in black font as well as gold font for the accents and logo. It gives information like that this has Japanese Green Tea and Aloe Vera which are both great for soothing the skin and that it has Rosehip Seed Oil for keeping the skin moisturized. The bottle inside is a hard white plastic with a label around the middle that matches the outside of the box. To Use: Apply all over the face avoiding any broken skin and leave on for 20-30 minutes. You should have a slight tingling feeling but if you feel irritation remove immediately. 

Verdict: This Valentia Ultra Hydration Mask is an orange yellow color and feels a lot like a heavy lotion. Going on my skin it actually felt soothing and after I rinsed it off there wasn't any pigmentation left over although I am pretty pale. The best part though is that my skin felt instantly hydrated and looked a lot less tired, even with all the pain of school. 

Making Vegan Gooseberry Cobbler

I've been doing a lot of baking lately and since a few people have emailed me about good vegan dessert recipes I figured I could share this one with you guys even if one of the ingredients can be a little hard to find. That is if you aren't like me and have a gooseberry bush in your yard. Making this vegan cobbler is actually pretty easy and the rest of the ingredients are very cheap and easy to find. So here's my recipe for Vegan Gooseberry Cobbler and a few pictures of me making it. 

4 Cups of Gooseberries
1 1/2 cups of sugar
1 Cup Almond Flour
1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk
2 Teaspoons Baking Soda
2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
* Vegan Whipped Topping
 The first step is getting the stems off which is actually the longest step. From there but all the gooseberries into a pan with a half cup of sugar and cook it down. I did it for 30 minutes on high but this can be a little dangerous if you aren't there to watch it. By the time it's cooked down it'll be a dark red color, and actually reminds me a bit of the transformation that my homemade barbecue sauce had.  Then mix together the almond flour, sugar and almond milk. Get a dish and spray with non-stick cooking spray, pour in the gooseberry and then the mix on top. Don't worry about mixing them together, in the oven it'll happen on it's own. Then cook for 45 minutes at 350 degrees F. 
 When you take it out this is what your vegan gooseberry cobbler should look like! I also want to give a little shout out to CRUCIBLECOOKWARE for these awesome oven mitts. While they have a silicone outside with a texture so that you can easily grab on to things the inside is a soft quilted material. Of course the best part though is that they actually protect your hands from heat even for longer periods. And just for fun, me being an oven mitt model. Try to ignore my outfit / hair / face / everything else. 

Caturday: Look at the Animal Shelter Pet Beds!

So you might remember my post visiting the animal shelter, well I went again last week and of course had to take pictures of everyone that I saw. Even though that post isn't that old I when I went again just recently I figured I could share a few more photos with you guys. Just like last time I did go to drop off two different kinds of animal beds that I made as well as some that other sewing people made as well. Of course while I was there I had to go visit all the animals and take pictures of them with their beds to share with the other ladies you help out. 

While looking at the animals, and trying to fight the urge not to get another pet like my used cat cricket, I noticed that not only were there not a lot pets there (by that I mean plenty of empty cages) but that all of the ones I'd seen previously weren't there.  All the cats were very friendly (as they always are) and each one had their own bed! 

Then out to the dogs, which I hope you don't mind I included even though this is a #caturday blog post. There were two who were up for adoption who I have pictured. Two others were there, one of which was a 10 yr old Akita that were still working on being socialized, and I forgot to take their picture!

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