About Me

Hanna Marie Lei

Well since I write this online diary, that's almost all about me, you might think that I'd be fairly good at talking about myself, but that isn't exactly true. You know all those silly get to know you things that everyone did in high school ("building bridges" as my school called it) well I sucked at them. So many of the activities consisted of telling the class something that's unique about you, and I could never think of anything.

I deactivated my Facebook account. I was tired of all the school drama, that was always impossible to keep up with. A few months later I realized that I needed somewhere to dump all my pictures, and started hannamarielei.com, which worked out great since before I'd always wanted a diary but never really kept it going. 

My blog has changed a little bit since beginning it as a photo dump, and in addition to personal posts I often share fashion, beauty products and some DIY projects I make. I'm currently a full time student and occasional a model. 

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