Life is stressful, I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way. Lately this has been especially true so I was happy when In TotalWellness sent me a few of their herbal teas to try out. What immediately made me interested in the brand was Simone's story: 

"I suffered a life changing event in 2002 - 11% of my body was second and third degree burned after a pressure cooker exploded in my NYC apartment. After 3 weeks in the ICU burn center, I was prescribed vast amounts of opioids and anti-depressant drugs for pain and anxiety. After experiencing severe side effects and dependency from these drugs and with no over-the-counter solution, I knew that I needed to find a healthier way to heal.  With the help of the healers in my four-year Masters program in Acupuncture and Herbology, I discovered my alternative path to getting well.  
My experiences have driven me to to help others who may struggle with pain and anxiety.  Over a decade of successful, professional practice on thousands of NYC and Connecticut patients have led me to marry Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas that have been used for thousands of years and have proven highly effective for my patients, with effervescent technology and great taste for a magical combination.
It took 2 years to find the right U.S. manufacturer and in 2018, IN:Total Wellness products were born. "

To try out I was sent three different variations: 

IN: Dream - Made to promote restful deeper sleep. It's a fast acting effervescence that's pomegranate flavored. Helps me fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep. The ingredients are plant based, and it's modernized traditional Chinese medicine formulas. Take 15 minutes before bedtime. I've been loving this for those nights when I've got an early morning meeting the next day. 

IN: Motion - This uses modernized traditional Chinese medicine formulas to reduce inflammation and muscle pain. While I'm lucky not to have chronic pain or be particularly injury prone I had had a few times to use In: Motion. I find it especially helpful after a workout I've gone a little too far on. Effects last 6-8 hours after taking it. 

IN: Peace - As you might have gotten from the first bit of the blog post this was the supplement I was most looking forward to taking. I tend to use this during the week (hello work) instead of caffeine on a day I have a feeling will be particularly rough. Just like IN:Motion it's made to last 6-8 hours which pretty much gets me through my day. 

You can check it out at

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