Dangerous Good, Book Review

Dangerous Good by Kenny Luck

It’s time to wake the sleeping giant in our world, in our communities, in our churches, and in our homes.

There’s a revolution brewing, a sleeping giant coming out of a long slumber. For years men have been sitting to the side, minding their own business, nursing their own wounds. But that time is reaching its end. Our wounds must surely be tended to, and our business must surely be minded. We are meant for greater things than these, and the world can no longer indulge our slumber. Justice demands a response to these troubling times. Righteousness demands a champion to counter a climate of moral relativism. God made us men; it’s time to act like it.

Good men are in high demand but low supply. That reality is creating suffering and injustice at every level of society in every community worldwide. Dangerous Good calls on the millennial generation of men who follow Jesus worldwide to confront that by deciding, individually and as a group, to be dangerous with goodness like Jesus. Here is the next revolution of masculinity the world is waiting for.

My Thoughts: I received this book from the publisher so I could review it, but this doesn't effect my review in any way. It seems like everyone has a problem with the millennial generation, and while I don't disagree that there are problems I think often times these things are overstated. I was glad that Kenny Luck took a soft approach and really wrote a guide book on how to be a better man. It's encouraging, and thought provoking. 

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