Online vs high-street shopping

When trying to decide where to shop, you can shop via catalogue online or go to high-end boutique
shops locally. Each has its pros/cons. Consider a few of these before you decide where to shop for
the items you want to buy.

Street-shopping –

Here you have the option to actually try clothing on before you buy it. You can touch the
material/fabric, you can see the quality and you can try different styles on to find what works best
for you. However, you will typically pay more when shopping in stores. You usually pay the full retail- price and discounts/savings aren’t found as frequently. Additionally, limited inventory is often a problem, especially with hot-selling items in stores.

Catalogue shopping –

There’s also the option to buy online. Here you’ll save, you can buy now and pay later, find zero-
interest financing and most catalogues offer same or next day shipping. You find far more inventory
than you do in stores as well, more colours, styles and more sizing options to choose from. On the
downside you can’t see/try on items. So, if you don’t love them, you have to return them. With this
being said, most catalogues usually offer next day return and do not charge a restocking fee to their
customers. Catalogues are usually cheaper and
they typically have new inventory added weekly, meaning you are always going to find the latest
styles, which might not be the case in stores.

Of course, there are drawbacks and positives to shopping in store as well as through catalogue sites.
Ultimately, the decision is up to each individual shopper. If you like the comfort of home and
affordability, catalogues are for you. If you prefer seeing/trying items on then catalogues might be
the choice you make the next time you are ready to shop for a new wardrobe for the season.

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