Instagram Model Summer Outfit + Makeup Inspiration

It's been awhile since I've shared outfit inspiration and I've really been wanting to bring back this section of posts so here I am today with one. For this look I thought it would be fun to do an update on a popular post the Instagram Model Outfit Inspiration (seen at The Instagram Yogi, Outfit Inspiration and Outfit: Instagram "Model" Off Duty Look ) and do a look especially for this summer with an outfit and makeup included.

Top- Every summer I seem to be attracted to feminine details on my shirts and this one is no different. I love that this is a square shaped crop top and the eyelet design is so pretty.
Jeans- It might seem surprising but I've seen way more pairs of jeans than shorts this summer. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with being more able to achieve the curvy figure in jeans but I can say I don't mind it. Light pairs are being favored, especially with dark tops, and high waisted skinny jeans are still the way to go.
Hat- Lucky for me another thing all over Instagram is the baseball cap. I say that because I've been terrible keeping up on my roots for the better part of a year and it really does help hid them.
Sunglasses - Of course this wouldn't be a summer look without sunglasses and to match the cap I went with a simple black pair.
Bag- Statement bags are incredibly popular and while you can go with a Birkin bag they aren't as popular as fun ones like this cassette tape one. While this one is expensive there are so many cheaper (hello eBay) options to pick from.
Shoes- Last but not least are the shoes. When I first saw this pair I thought it was some sort of highlight shine that gave it the rainbow effect but then realized it was actually a rainbow print. Even though pride month is over these are still going to be super popular.

For my makeup / beauty inspiration I normally like to keep the selection down to four items but for an Instagram look that is a little hard. While there are MULTIPLE other items I would use to create a summer Instagram Model look these are my top six.
Nail Polish- To keep the outfit from matching too much I went with a summer essie nail color. It also helps to pull in the shoes.
Highlight- Of course shimmer is still in, and probably not going away for a long time. So I went with a bright Bobby Brown highlight that'll last all day and shine bright.
Eyeshadow- I personally love bright eyeshadows but the look isn't that popular with Instagram models, where neutral colors are still the most popular.
Eyeliner- I'm not sure that this needs said but per usual thick sharp eyeliner is in.
Lips- Matte lips in red really pull the whole makeup look in with the outfit. While it might seem red is only a winter color there are so many ways it has made it into warmer weather.
Eyelashes- If you aren't wearing eyelash extensions then false eyelashes are a go to. I personally love them long and natural fullness but there is a huge variety both for sale and popularity wise.

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