Let me Introduce you to Octer

In December of 2014 Octer has been taking the online commerce world by storm with their mobile shopping application. Since then they've developed a platform on multiple different channels, and have become especially popular when it comes to fashion retail. Otter provides shoppers with a revolutionary solution to buying things online, allowing them to buy whatever they want all in one place. There are hundreds of stores and thousands of brands from every day to designer, with the goal of letting shoppers have a seamless experience across mobile, tablet and desktop. While using Octer you can easily compare your favorite pieces across various retailers, giving you the best options for color, style and price without having to go to different sites.
So lets get started trying it out. 
The first part of their site I went to was, of course, the clothing section. From there I decided check out the jeans, because I really need a new pair, and was able to pick from either all the jeans or looking at a specific cut. Of course I went with the skinny fit, and was immediately impressed with the selection they had to offer. You can even narrow your choices down further by selecting specific stores, if you want sale items and the price you want to pay. 

In addition to all kinds of clothes for women as well as children and men, Octer offers a wide selection of household and technology items, something I was surprised to see. Everything from bookshelves to beds and desks was in the furniture section and the technology area didn't disappoint either. Not only can you find the cheapest prices, but you can find just what you're looking for in a  matter of minutes instead of hours searching all over the web. 

So when you go shopping next, be sure to visit www.octer.com

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