Cuddl Duds for a Cozy Autumn

It is finally October, which means I can start wearing all kinds of fall/autumn and winter clothing! I mean I have been doing so the past few days but now, I can post all my #ootd photos shamelessly because of it, and luckily the weather seems to be cooperating for next week anyways. To start of celebration of my second favorite month (the first of course being December) I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce you to Cuddl Duds who was nice enough to send me a few items in partnership with JCPenney's. 

Cuddl Duds is a brand that's all about layering, something that I personally love to do once the weather gets cold. However they've designed their products to not only be perfectly comfortable for the autumn and winter seasons but not to be bulky. That way when you're layering you don't come out looking like the snowman you hope to build in the snow, or the marshmallow you hope to eat at a bonfire.  And now... for my outfit! 

Jacket - When I saw this jacket online I thought "Oh that's cute, I'll try that" and when it arrived in the mail and I took it out of the box, all I could think was "I can't believe it is so comfortable". So, I wore it to school the next day, and I'm a little afraid that I'm going to be continually grabbing it before I head out, until I end up on some intervention show.  I just love how it's length is a little longer and the asymmetrical front is so fun. 

Turtleneck - Before getting this Cuddl Duds turtleneck long sleeve t-shirt I've never owned anything with such a high neckline. Anytime I'd tried them on they were itchy and suffocating and all around uncomfortable. Since Cuddl Duds prides themselves on being the opposite of that I figured it was worth testing out and I'm so glad I did. Either by itself or under something this turtleneck sweater is great! 

Leggings - To finish off my clothing I decide on a simple pair of leggings that are versatile enough that I can wear just about anywhere. The waist is a medium rise (great if you wear shorter shirts like I do) and they are very comfortable. 

Shoes - I just went with a basic pair of toms that I'll admit are starting to look a little rough. 

Necklace - Last but not least is this necklace that I was given by the people at Schneblies. It's their trademark design which is based on the artist Susie memories of Cape Cod. It's now used in a variety of jewelry and artwork (available at their site) to help the environment. Not only to help you remember to do so yourself (reuse reduce recycle) but 20% of the retail profit goes to Gumbo Limbo in Boca Raton, Florida.


And this last shot after stepping in the mud. 

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