How to Set Up Your Nursery

If the arrival of your baby is drawing near, the task of setting up the nursery is probably starting to loom large in your mind. Feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing will be your main activities for the first few weeks. You can start there, but you also have to think about when your baby starts to sit, stand, and walk. What will you need and where will you put it? We’ve got a few tips to get you started so that when your baby comes, everything you need will be at your fingertips. 

Positioning the Crib

It makes sense to start with the biggest piece of furniture in the nursery—the crib. You might be obsessed with style and color, but your decisions go well beyond that. Some convertible cribs can stay with your child from infancy until they venture out on their own. So, yes, style is important but classic and sturdy is often better than cheap and trendy if you want it to last.

Once you bring the crib home, safety is your number one concern and a lot of that has to do with positioning. Place the crib on an inside wall to avoid temperature changes and drafts. Cribs should be kept away from windows or electrical cords and outlets. If your baby can reach it from the crib, your crib is in the wrong place. 

Diaper Changing Station

You’ll be amazed at how many diapers a baby can produce in one day. A changing table is nice if you’ve got enough money in the budget. They put your baby at the right height and have storage for all of your supplies—diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and extra onesies. 

However, if your budget is tight with square footage being even tighter, you can still set up a diaper changing station so you’re ready from day one. A basket or bin with all your changing supplies works just as well and can be used in other rooms besides the nursery. Be sure to include a portable changing pad if you go this route. You don’t want any accidents permanently staining your carpet or floors. 

Feeding Station

Eat, poop, sleep. That’s what babies do in the first few months. Your nighttime feeding station will become your new best friend. The star player is the rocking chair or glider. Choose one that that’s comfortable and fits in your available space. 

Next to the chair, you’ll need some kind of side table with a lamp. This is where you can put a bottle warmer, baby monitor, and burp cloths. With everything in reach, you can get through those late-night feedings quickly and quietly. 

Create Plenty of Storage (and Leave Room for More)

The final piece to your nursery puzzle is storage. You’re going to need far more than you think. You’ll need to organize tiny pairs of socks, blankets, toys, and books. Even if you’re going minimal, a bookshelf with a basket or bin for toys can help keep the nursery from looking like a garage sale. 

The nursery is only going to become more crowded as your baby grows. Clothes, toys, shoes, jackets, blankets—they almost seem to multiply on their own. You don’t need to have room for all future possessions from the start, but don’t fill every nook and cranny either. You’ll eventually need space for shelves, a closet organizer, and other organization tools as your child grows. 


When all is said and done, the nursery should feel comfortable to you. It might take some rearranging to find a set up you love, but once you do, it can help you get through the hazy, sleep-deprived days of a newborn.

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