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When I first started sharing activities that are easy to do from home and 'for the greater good' (calling it that for the lack of a better term) one of the first ones that came to mind is SurveyMonkey. Off and on again I've been participating in it for years and while the results of that aren't huge, for a work in verses reward, to your chosen charity, can be substantial. You've able to chose from a wide variety of charities, some of which are shown below, and able to send what can add up to a significant amount of money with a small amount of time, plus you can do it whenever you want! Below are just a few of the charities that you can have your earning sent to. 

I'll start with how it works. You'll want to go to, instead of the Survey Monkey main page which is made for people who want to set up surveys, not participate in them. After doing all the regular account creation stuff you'll start setting up your profile. They'll ask questions related to your age, interests and things you own, for all of which it's really important that you answer honestly. While it might feel like you should answer them in ways you'd get the most surveys so you can give more to your favorite charity in the long run this isn't a good idea. And anyways even when I started out as a teen with no job/car/whatever I still was able to get quite a few surveys. 

Once you finish your profile, or get tired of filling it out since you don't need a complete profile to get some surveys, you'll probably have the opportunity to immediately start taking a few. If not they'll email you when some are available. That email looks like the above, and when my profile is at 100% they send me it once a week. Typically there are 2-3 surveys available when I go to SurveyMonkey after getting the email. From there filling out the survey is pretty easy, normally taking about 5 minutes. A lot of the time they're market research questions for new products which, is actually kind of cool to see from the inside. Just like the profile questions it's really important to answer these questions honestly. 

When you've completed the survey they donate $0.50 to the charity of your choice and give you a change to "Win a $100 Gift Card". To be honest I don't even try this any more. While it looks like you have a 1 in 8 change of winning, I can say that while I've done almost 300 surveys I've yet to win. 

From the first photo you can see that I've be able to get $127 donated to the charity of my choice, the American Diabetes Associate (I had trouble deciding between this and the American Cancer Society). So while it might not seem like $0.50 adds up it really can!

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