The Third Jihad, Book Review

The Third Jihad
By Michael Youssef 

Radical Islam has been waging war against our global civilization throughout history―and now, it’s closer than ever to American soil. Dr. Michael Youssef, a Coptic Christian who was born in Egypt and now leads a megachurch in America, knows from firsthand experience that radical Islamists have goals that many American Christians believe are “unthinkable.” In this book, he warns Western Christians that it doesn’t help to ignore what’s going on. There’s a third jihad underway, and its goal is to take over the West.

The Third Jihad is a call for Christians to defend their families, protect their nation, and boldly share the good news of Jesus with their communities―especially their Muslim neighbors.

Packed with surprising insights from history, compelling and dramatic stories, and a practical agenda that one person―or one church―can immediately put into practice to make a difference in the world. Rich in encouraging biblical principles and prophetic insights, The Third Jihad leads the reader to an empowering conclusion in our troubling (and even frightening) times.

Michael Youssef’s insights will inspire Christians to take their faith seriously, share their faith freely, and to truly be salt and light in a world of increasing darkness and decay.

Book Review: I have to start by saying that I did receive a copy of this book to review, but that doesn't effect the review in any way. When I first saw The Third Jihad, I didn't know what to think... Because of this I thought it would be worth reviewing. When I realized Michael Youssef himself what from a Muslim majority country, I was immediately interested. Most Christian books written about Islam come from American evangelicals who's experiences would be very different than that of someone living in the Middle East. Michael Youssef does a great job of combining history and his personal stories. This is a brave book that counters a lot of popular beliefs. 

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