Decoding Your Dreams, Book review

Decoding Your Dreams by Jennifer LeClaire 

What is God saying to you in your dreams? Let a leading prophetic voice teach you how to build your dream language vocabulary
Given the average human sleeps eight hours a night—one third of our time spent on planet earth—it should come as no surprise that God will at times speak to us through Spirit-inspired dreams. So then why are most of us clueless as to what they all mean?
Decoding Your Dreams will demystify God’s dream language.
The truth is God speaks to each of us in ways that are personal to our culture and our life experience. If you are a Spanish speaker, for instance, God will typically not speak to you in Chinese. Much the same, if you are a dog lover God may use a dog in your dream to symbolize loyalty. But if you were attacked by a dog as a youth, a dog will mean something much different to you. It is vital we take to truly understand our dreams.
In the Bible, there are over 200 mentions of dreams and visions. From Jacob, Joseph, and Daniel in the Old Testament to Joseph and the apostles in the New Testament, God has spoken to His people through dreams throughout out recorded history.
Decoding Your Dreams will provide a solid, safe explanation of the dream world and dream languages that will help readers understand what God is really saying to them.

My Thoughts: As soon as I saw this book I knew I would be interested in reading it. Luckily it was a book sent to me by the publisher which meant that I did get to do so, but of course this doesn't change the review in any way. Jennifer LeClair combines biblical knowledge to talk about what dreams mean and what you should do about them and scientific information about how dreams work. Overall a great look into something I want to learn more about. 

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