3 Tips for Staying in Shape this Holiday Season

The holidays are always rough for me. It starts with near endless candy at the beginning of October, and only gets worse as you go. Soon you have the discounted Halloween candy which means eating a whole lot more than the start of Halloween when you didn't think you'd possibly be eating any more. That's just the beginning though. Once you're finally running out of candy Thanksgiving begins. If yours is anything like mine, you'll start out with a Friendsgiving or two and then make your way to the family Thanksgivings. For all of these you'll think something along the lines of "Oh, I'll get back on track tomorrow"as you get up for your third plate of food, from there it's just a blur until Christmas is over. 

Once New Years Eve hits, the panic begins. You start panicking because your weight is up and you aren't feeling your best, which is completely understandable but complexity preventable if can stay on track during the holiday season. 

1. Plan Through the Holidays 

Chances are you know what the schedule is going to be a few weeks into the Holiday season so plan accordingly! Make sure there is going to be healthy options, and use the time with family/friends as a cheat day. It'll make it a lot less stressful and keep you from going off track.

2. There's an App for That

Look into app for fitness and calorie counting. These will help you keep from over eating by giving you an estimate of how on/off track you are throughout the holidays.  I personally love UA recored which is made by Under Armor because not only does it calorie count for me but it keeps track of the nutrition facts which is necessary for anyone looking to lose weight and stay healthy. 

3. Get Professional Help

While friends and family can be great motivators for staying in shape sometimes you need professional help, especially when you're really trying to hit those gains goals. A fitness trainer is the perfect way to do so! Bidvine.com is the place for that  where you can submit a request for free and they'll connect you with up to five personal trainers in your local area and you can select who you like best!

So go out and have fun this Holiday Season and remember you can still stay in shape while doing so. 

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