Footwear for Pregnancy

As an expectant mom who suffers from foot edema you certainly have noticed that the footwear market offers no real options for pregnancy, so that the pregnant women have to buy shoes in bigger sizes or even men shoes to accommodate the foot swelling both in length and in width. The available footwear options also force you to give up style for comfort.
Pregnidos, which is a German brand, has been questioning these facts and has been developing suitable and comfortable footwear for a healthy pregnancy. Their high-quality shoes are designed to adapt flexibly to the swelling of the feet and ankles while looking trendy and beautiful. 

The Pregnidos shoes offer a great user experience, being easy to put on so that you as a pregnant woman don’t have to bend long over your baby belly and get tired and uncomfortable. They adjust to the foot volume, which adds to the feeling of comfort and wellbeing, and are particularly safe to the mother and baby due to their anti-slip rubber sole. Pregnidos also protect from back pain due to their moderate, very comfortable wedges. They can also be worn after the pregnancy thanks to their smart, adaptable system which allows the shoes to adjust to the foot also after the swelling decreases.
The shoes are handmade of premium natural materials in a traditional factory in Portugal. The brand values comfort, function and style in their shoes and its owner, Cristian Diaconu says that Pregnidos has been created to add value to the wellbeing of pregnant women who should maintain their health and active lifestyle up to the end of their pregnancy and beyond that.

Learn Pregnidos, the world's first brand of pregnancy shoes.
The best shoes during and after the pregnancy!

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