The Nehemiah Code, Book Review

Who isn’t in need of a new beginning? Bestselling author O. S. Hawkins knows that whether it be broken relationships, integrity missteps, or loss, most of us will spend some or much of the next year trying to restore something. The good news is . . . it’s never too late for a new beginning.
Hawkins, with more than 550,000 books sold, now turns his eye to another biblical hero in The Nehemiah Code. Nehemiah was a civil servant from 2,500 years ago who applied principles found in the Bible for insight during hard times, help to start again, and encouragement to rebuild a life.
The Nehemiah Code dives into a theme that will resonate deeply with a wide variety of readers -  insight during hard times, help to start again, and encouragement to rebuild a life. Topics include: 
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Moving out of your comfort zone
  • Rebuilding team spirit
  • Holding those around you accountable
  • Doing what is right
  • Finishing strong
Proceeds of the book go directly to the ministry Mission:Dignity, which helps more than 1,800 retired ministers, church workers, and widows who have faithfully served God’s people and now find themselves struggling to meet even basic needs.

My Thoughts: I did receive this book to review from the publisher but all thoughts are my own. Self help books can either be amazing, or the exact opposite. It never seems like there's much in-between. Luckily The Nehemiah Code falls into the the better category. There are a lot of teachable points for leadership and management. The chapters are short, and easy to read without a huge time investment. 

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