936 Pennies Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting, Book Review

936 Pennies Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting by Eryn Lynum 

On the day of their baby dedication, Eryn and her husband were given a jar of 936 pennies. The jar contained a penny for every week they would raise their child until graduation, and they were instructed to remove one penny each Sunday as a reminder, placing it into another jar as an investment. 

At some point every parent realizes time is moving swiftly, and they ask themselves, How am I investing in my child? Through personal stories and biblical examples, 936 Pennies will help you discover how to capture time and use it to its fullest potential, replacing guilt and regrets with freedom. Meanwhile, your kids will see how simple choices, like putting the cell phone down and going on a family hike, will make all the difference. Together you will stretch time and make it richer. 

Craft a family legacy in tune with God's heartbeat as you capture a new vision for your children and learn the best ways to spend your pennies.

My Thoughts: Before we get started I have to begin by saying that I did get this book from the publisher so I'd be able to review it! That of course doesn't effect my opinion of it. From the first few pages I was interested in this book, the author Eryn Lynum has such a strong voice. Every chapter has thoughtful tips and inspiration for parenting, and how to make the most of it. A wonderful read! 

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