Playing Escape Room the Game at Home

Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you’ve had a good break from school/work and fun hanging out with your friends and family. For me it was time especially needed, with all the recent stress I’ve been having. One fun thing that I did was play Escape Room the Game with my friends the day before break to unwind from a very big project and celebrate the upcoming holiday (although unfortunately not the end of the semester).
I’d actually gone to a place and played Escape the Room as had one of my friends but most of them were new to it. Starting out we were a little worried that it’d be a bit to complicated for a relaxing game night, but everyone ended up enjoying themselves. It really does bring all of the fun and excitement from Escape the Room into a compact version for playing at home (or in your dorm room)! To play you have 60 minutes to work together, finding clues and solving puzzles to escape from the room. There are four rooms to choose from, Prison Break, Nuclear Countdown, Virus, and Temple of the Aztec and from testing them out I can say they all make for a great time. To win the game and escape the room you need to correctly enter a four key combination into the Chrono Decoder (the same thing that keeps your time) and press the button. Try a wrong code though, during moments of desperation we attempted it, and you’ll get a buzz letting you know. Luckily though we ended up getting it right, just before the end of the sixty minutes, and Escaped the Room!


Tips for Making Your Escape Room the Game party even better!
  • Lots of food, like any other party snacks are always appreciated 
  • Put the phones away, nice to decompress playing plus those distractions will cost you precious time
  • Except for one phone to use their app for awesome background music and photosWrite down notes as you’re playing, this can be a huge help to escaping the room.

You can get the game HERE for a fun game night like ours!

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