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It is officially #fitnessfriday the day that I start to feel guilty about eating five sugar cookies at school, and more often than not two dinners throughout the week. However this guilt for my unhealthy lifestyle isn't just contained to Fridays when I'm supposed to give you guys a fitness update, because I have an Instagram account. While I follow a variety of accounts like beauty, celebrity, and of course my friends, one of my favorites is all the yoga and pole fitness girls. The post amazing photos and videos of themselves in their zone, that look more like art than any fitness routine. In addition to being impressed by what these girls do I'm also pretty into what the Instagram Yogis wear. So I decided to put together a little outfit board inspired by the Instagram yoga star. This is a bit of a continuation on my outfit guide for looking like an Instagram model

Sports Bra - Whenever I workout I tend to be a bit more modest so I like to wear a tank top over a sports bra, but for Instagram Yoga girls this isn't the norm. They tend to go with less bulky sports bras, that also happen to be super cute too. I picked this one for the set because I love the back crisscross design and the additional strap in the front, both of which make it unique.

Leggings - Or yoga pants. All of the bigger yoga girls that I follow are sponsored by Alo Yoga (or maybe Alo Yoga just sends them free clothing?) so originally I was going to add in one of their pieces for the pants. However when I saw this pair I had to put them in. I love the blue color and the bottom transition stripes are so fun.

Jacket - While it might be warm enough in the studio to "not have sleeves on" (as my grandmother would say) that isn't always the case on your way too or from. Of course that means bringing along a jacket, and since I love North Face I of course picked one of their black sweatshirts. 

Clutch - As you might already know (from my constant complaining, or by looking at my outfit photos) I don't like to carry around a bag. Since I still have necessities to carry around I normally go for a small wallet or a clutch. This cat one is so cute that I had to go with it even if it is a little on the small side. 

Shoes - Of course while doing yoga you aren't typically wearing shoes. However I've seen quite a few of those "in the city" yoga poses where the yogi girls are in fact wearing sneakers. For doing yoga I had to make sure to pick a pair that has a low profile and are comfortable. These Nike tennis shoes fit the bill. 

While this is normally the point where I'd give my makeup suggestions to complete the look, most Instagram Yogis are pleasantly makeup free, and their hair is more often than not just tied back. I hope you liked my outfit inspiration. Feel free to comment below on what you wear to yoga (or anything else you want to say!). 

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