Teatime with Teasia + a School Update

These past two weeks have been so rough. My school stuff has been awful. It seems like I'm constantly working up until the last minute on homework, and have projects looming overhead. I've been trying to keep up with everything but it's been so hard. I had a test and a quiz this week that were incredibly stressful to go along with all the homework. The worst part is, with both as soon as I turned them in I realized a mistake that I should have fixed. For the quiz I don't think the mistake is that big of a deal, but for the test it was a big section. I made the problem way harder than it needed to be, which is probably why I was one of the last people done. Hopefully both of my teachers will take some kind of pity on me. 

In addition to that as I mentioned in my Fall / Autumn Uniform I've been trying to do blog posts every day, which is super easy some days, and a whole lot of work other days depending what (if anything) I have planned to share. More stressful than that though is that I'm trying to get my blog redesigned, and a few updates for my social media pages (like a coverage for my Facebook). Originally I thought I'd be able to do it myself on my fall break, but when I realized how much work it'd be I decided to hire someone. Well, as it seems that might not have been the best idea and I'll probably end up doing it myself. I've had nothing but trouble these past few weeks and honestly I could have gotten a lot of work done in the time I've been dealing with other people for it. 

Of course all this stress has been getting to me a bit but I've been trying to just relax and keep going. Keeping a tight schedule is my biggest way of dealing with everything and marking off things I've done is so satisfying. Another thing I've been doing, is every morning and night just taking a few minutes for myself. Lately I've had a little help with that thanks to the people at  www.teasia.com who were nice enough to send me a box of their Floral Sampler pack. Inside is Jasmine Green Tea, Chamomile Mint Tea, Rooibos Lemongrass Tea, and Rose Black Tea. The ingredients are all natural and you can drink them hot or cold, but what's best is their taste. I was actually pretty surprised that they have a floral taste and are really good too!

You can get the set on Amazon HERE and if you have prime shipping is free. 

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