Review: PCA skin Ideal Complex Eye Gel

Starting out with a photo of me where you can see current eye creases that with care (and luck) won't turn into wrinkles.

In my experience (from viewing lots of different people's faces) eyes are one of the first places that show wrinkles. They sneak up at first just showing when you're laughing or smiling and then get deeper as you age and as you get more sun damage. While I've become pretty good at applying moisturizers one of the things that has eluded me has been eye creams and eye gels. Normally I just think of them as expensive and not all that helpful (the exception is my Adovia Mineral Eye Gel) when you can find them so I was a little apprehensive about the PCA Skin Ideal Complex revitalizing eye gel, but of course in the hope that it would be the eye gel for me I wanted to try it out. 

Alright so this comes in a grey cardboard box with black lettering with he PCA Skin name and that it is a revitalizing eye gel right on the front. On one side it has the ingredients, and trust me there are a lot, which I'm not all that found of seeing since I've been on a more natural kick. On the back there are the instructions and a little more product information. Inside is a white bottle with the same writing as the front of the box, in black, as well as a black twist off lid. To use after cleansing your skin, and toning apply the serum to your face, eating a small amount gently around the eye area and on the eyelid in both the morning and evening. 

Verdict: This is hypoallergenic so, for even sensitive skin (most people's skin around their eyes is) you should be fine. The texture is light and almost silky and it goes into skin fairly well. You can use it all around your eye area including the eyelid, which I an quite happy about although I wouldn't before makeup application if you want your makeup to hold. It starts showing results in pretty good time, and for an eye gel the price isn't too bad. 

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