My Pure Women's Perfume, Review

 Perfume is one of those things that I have an on again, off again relationship with.  I've gone weeks wearing it everyday (different ones depending on if it's a week day or an evening sort of thing) but will then leave it behind not wearing any for much longer periods of time. Since getting to try out Bamboo by Franck Oliver I've begun to get back into the groove of wearing perfume but have been looking for another scent to give myself some variety. So when the Fragrance Outlet offered to send me a bottle of their My Pure for Women to test out I of course jumped at the chance and wanted to share what is, hopefully, another great perfume of theirs with you. 

First of all we have to talk about how this perfume comes. You can order it from the site where they have a variety of scents, some designer and others exclusive to them like My Pure. It costs $85 and when it arrived I couldn't believe the packaging that it came in. Inside the shipping box it was in a white box with a gorgeous box. There was also a little baggy with four little sample perfumes, all of which smell fantastic. Of course more important is the perfume, that comes in a blue green logged cardboard box with the Karen Low name on it. The bottle itself is the same blue green and is glass square with a gold colored metal spray dispenser. The cap is plastic, and while that put me off at first once I thought about how much safer that was (because the possibility of breaking the cap). 

  • Top Notes: Plum and Iris 
  • Middle Notes: Bulgarian rose and Jasmine 
  • Base Notes: Amber and Vetiver
Verdict: While My Pure is designed for women, I was surprised upon first smelling the scent that it wasn't flowery or extremely feminine. Actually I could see it working as a lighter unisex scent, which I of course love. The different notes blend together well, for a nice even scent that lasts all day. It's a great day time perfume, especially if you're someone who's more low key about what they're wearing because even for more sensitive noses it won't be overpowering. The My Pure bottle is very pretty, and I love the extra work they put into the shipping packaging, making it perfect for a gift. 


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