Mediderm Extrait de Caviar Review + A Giveaway

I want to start out by apologizing for this photo. I've been doing pretty well on my #ootd photos thanks to a friend of mine who's started helping me out with them but for product pictures I've been just using my phone. I do have a DSLR but it's like ten years old, and a pain to use. Normally these phone photos turn out okay... But this one I'm especially unimpressed with, especially after uploading it to Instagram but YOLO as the kids would say (like two years ago, insert laughing/crying emojis). ANYWAYS I did want to share with you guys a review for the Mediderm Extrait de Caviar so you can learn more about it. 
First of all it comes in a black cardboard box that looks very similar to the bottle that's inside. Speaking about the bottle, it's a matte black with a identical lettering to the Mediderm box, but has a push down dispenser with a clear cap which makes it very easy to apply. I'm actually impressed that the packaging looks nice because for an ounce it's only $20. The Extract de Caviar is made to be a luxury firming concentrate, to firm hydrate and rejuvenate your skin in a trip action form. To use simply apply to skin and rub in with a circular motion. 


Verdict: While this isn't called a "serum" it feels like one. It is clear and viscous reminding me a lot of the serum that came with my Wet to Dry Studio Gear foundation however it feels very different. The Mediderm Extrait de Caviar doesn't have any sort of synthetic feeling to it, absorbs into my skin easily and really hydrates my skin. I especially like this serum from Mediderm as part of my pre makeup routine, it tightens my skin, makes it look better and gives me a good set for my foundation. 

Great under makeup
Absorbs easily 

Not very much product per bottle

Now for the giveaway. Enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $30 gift card to Sephora (or $30 Amazon gift card if outside US/Canada)

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