L'Reve24K 60 Second Instant Face Lift Serum Review

So, now that you've seen my new camera's work in a few different blog posts tell me... what do you think? Personally I'm loving it for showing off cool DIY projects and off course all the different beauty product packagings. The detail it gives my face? Well that's a bit of a love hate relationship. Now I feel like I have to worry about those skin flaws even more, which means I'm on the lookout for products to help me out. So you can probably imagine my desire to find a product to fix my skin is pretty high so I was very much interested when I saw that L'Reve24K was offering a product called 60 second instant face lift serum even if the name is a bit of an oxymoron. 

This L'Reve24k product comes in a 15 ml tubular bottle that is a creamy white plastic. On the front is the product amount, brand name, and that this is the 60 Second Instant Face Lift Serum. The dispenser is a push down, with a very small nozzle to release the serum. I have to say trying to get this serum out, I actually had a ton of trouble. I tried pressing down on the dispenser, about twenty times, before giving up on that and looking for another alternative to get me started. Unfortunately there is no cap to unscrew so I just had to keep trying with the push down lid, until finally it came out. I had almost given up by the time I was able to get any product out. 


Verdict: I love that the L'Reve24K is a clear and odorless, as well as being non irritate, all of which I worry about with anti-aging products. It absorbs into the skin well, although it takes a whole lot of product for the whole face, and leaves a bit of a residue. That being said, it makes the skin feel amazing, and makes it look instantly brighter. Maybe "face lift" is an exaggeration but you can for sure see a noticeable difference. While the price isn't bad (I found it for $20 from a google search), it doesn't seem like there's very much product in the bottle, and you have to use a whole lot per application. 


Only 3-4 uses per bottle
Hard to use the first time

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