HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection, Review

I've been incredibly busy with my classwork lately, and even though I just got off of Fall Break, I feel like I could use at least a week longer before having to get into school work. Unfortunately though, none of the administrators at my school care what I think, so I guess it's just back at hit until Thanksgiving break. Luckily though it hasn't been all bad because I've been trying out this Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection that the people over at HASK were nice enough to send to me. 

You might actually already be familiar with the HASK brand because I've tried out couple of their other products, these should be linked at the bottle of the post by "linked within" but sometimes they get it right and other times they just show random posts, so I'll share a few here, like the Coconut Oil Hair Products and Mint Almond Shampoo, I loved both of these so before trying out out the Superfruit set. I did have high hopes, even though I was a little doubtful because of the name, I was totally willing to try it out, because I want healthy hair! 

Shampoo - This shampoo comes in a brown bottle with a reddish pink accent color and the first thing that hit me was the delightful smell. It's an amazing combination of fruity and floral scents that's very feminine. It is a medium cleansing shampoo and rinses out easily without tangling hair. 

Conditioner - Like the shampoo the conditioner has a brown bottle, but the accent color has a purple tint to the pink instead of red. In addition to the same white color, you can bet that wonderful smell is still there, and actually when using the combo I was pleasantly surprised that it lasted quite awhile in my hair. This conditioner is a bit heavier which is perfect for my damaged hair. 

Deep Conditioner - Maybe best of all is this healthy hair deep conditioner. Their conditioners are one of those emergency things I keep on hand right before a hair casting call and this Superfruit version might be my favorite of all. It super hydrating and I love the ingredients like Papaya, Acai berry and Mangosteen Oil. 

Brush - As an additional gift, like in a few other sets I was given a cute little baggy and this brush. I love the pink color and hearts on the back but even more so I love the bristles. The short long combo is great for a lot of different hair types, and it isn't bad about pulling. 


As a whole, I love this HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection, and actually I love all of the individual pieces too. They're easy to rinse out, don't weigh down my hair and all have a white color that's perfect for girls like me who's hair is color dyed.  Even better though is the amazing scent and that this whole set leaves my hair looking and feeling healthier. 

*Sorry for the extra long post today! I just wanted to give you guys all the details and might have gotten a bit carried away. 

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