Caturday - Paula Climbing Around

I don't do #caturday posts every Saturday but this week I wanted to share one with you! It's Paula the cat again who I know you've probably seen quite a lot of but hopefully you aren't tired of her yet! I took these photos today (side note the weather was fantastic) before going shopping with my grandmother. Paula was pretty excited to see us, she always likes attention, until she realized we were going out there to give her flea medication. She's on her second month of treatment because we think she might have them, due to the bit of missing fur on her nose, and some black spots we've seen in her fur. She scratched me a bit but not even enough to break the skin. 

I still have yet to convince my grandmother to let her live in the house and hopefully that'll change, but Paula might have a few other things coming up soon. We're going to get her spayed, vaccinated, and maybe her ear clipped. This way there's no worry about her having kittens, getting sick, or getting picked up by animal control. 

And here are some photos of her! 


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