Autumn / Fall Uniform, Outfit + Makeup Inspiration

If you haven't noticed I've been on a role (albeit a small one) for blog posts lately. I've seen a few Youtubers do pledges to do a "vlog" every day for the month of October, and I thought it'd be fun to join in. Since I'm way more active on my blog, and don't have nearly enough time for the daily editing and uploading of videos, I thought that I'd be better suited to do my daily October challenge in blog post form. Since I've already showed you guys two skincare products I've already been loving this month and shared my comfy layered outfit for autumn I thought I should share something a little more put together. By all means it's still a casual outfit, but just a little more structured, and is for sure my Autumn / Fall "Uniform". 

Shirt - I'm all about plaid (see my country chic outfit) for the autumn season and well into winter it's a fabric I'm gravitating towards. This shirt is not only cozy and comfortable but actually really cute. While it is a "boyfriend style" shirt it is also fitted for a woman, which I'd say is a good mix between the two button down styles. 

Jeans - I almost always wear skinny jeans, and as such feature them quite heavily over here but not for this look. I wanted this whole look to have a more relaxed feel, and boyfriend jeans are the way to do it. The cuffed ankles give them a more sophisticated look, and the distressed wash gives the whole look it's flair. 

Scarf - Maybe the thing I look forward to most in the Fall is wearing scarfs. Since I'm all about no fuss fashion, when I'm getting ready to go to school I'm most likely to pick an infinity scarf. No tying needed and it looks super chic. 

Backpack - Since I"m still a student (unfortunately) I went with a backpack instead of your normal purse. For school life it's way more convenient, and this one was too cute to pass up. 

Shoes - Last but not least is another item I love to wear once the weather starts to get cold, heeled booties. This pair has a bit of a shine to them which I prefer over the classic matte and is a good take on the chunky heel shoe trend that's taken over. 


In addition to showing you guys my basic fall / autumn outfit I also wanted to share with you guys the makeup I'm wearing so you can get a complete look at my "uniform". I'm not sure these looks will last all the way through the fall season, but as far as October goes, deep dark reds are hot so I wanted to make this all about them. 

Mascara - The only thing without a dramatic color is this Bobby Brown mascara. To keep the whole look from being too out there, or the clothing from being too casual I wanted the eye makeup to be feminine. A big part of it are the eyelashes and this mascara does wonders. 

Lipstick - Gorgeous red lips are hard to pull off, but once the colder seasons start to come around, it becomes a whole lot easier. This red lip color is one that I've been lusting over and with the dark scarf it will fit in perfectly. 

Blush - Normally I'm one to go with pink girly blushes but this dark vampire like one was calling to me. While the one pictured is sold out, I did find a very good substitute, which I think is quite a bit cheaper. 

Nail Polish - To finish off the look I wanted to put in a nail polish that matches up with the other pieces of this makeup, and this butter London nail lacquer fit the bill. In addition to being the deep red that I love, it has a bit of sparkle to keep it fun. 

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