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Maybe you already know this, but I'll tell you again incase you've missed my constant complaining; I'm a full time students. In truth I have a love hate relationship with it, because on the one hand it's a whole lot of work, and stress, but on the other hand I know that once I get out I'll probably have plenty of stress from any job that I have. Even with the insight you can bet I'm counting down until graduation. Because the current stress is real. While most of it is derived from math and science concepts I have to learn, a fair share has gone into worrying about essays. There are so many time's I've just wanted someone to look over what I've done, and have had to settle with at the last minute getting a classmate to "trade papers" with me so we can correct each other's work with mixed results. Which is why I was interested in checking out is a company dedicated to helping you get a better grade. They offer a writing check looking at your grammar, punctuation, style, organization, citations and content consistency. Their comments will help your writing as a whole and you can even get help writing in specific genres, something that I personally have trouble with. 

To test it out I, of course, had to start by making an account. Doing so was really easy, and I was happy to see that they didn't ask for a lot of personal information that other sites like Course Hero  did that made me feel uncomfortable. Once you make your account you can add in money via Paypal, credit or debit (they gave me $10 credit to test out their service) and submit your paper for review. Upon seeing the charge per page, I was a little wary but after seeing how well they corrected my paper I changed my mind completely!

For my test I decided to submit a draft of a paper I had submitted in my writing class, An Analysis of This Boy's Life. From there you can put in how much time you can wait until your paper is analyzed (at least 24 hours but you can give them more time than that) and once it's done you'll get an email telling you to check out your paper.

As soon as I saw it, I realized the price is well worth it for anyone going to submit a paper that they've worked hard on. The results were spot on, catching mistakes I hadn't even caught in my final paper. All of the highlights are easy to see too, so you can go in and correct the mistakes. And if you're unhappy with the edits made (for any reason) you can mark it so someone will look through it for you again. 

You can (and should) visit and sign up, so next time you're going to submit a paper, you won't be left in the dark. 

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