The Estee Edit MetalliShadow Review, Swatches, Photos

What the Brand Says

 The Estee Edit MetalliShadow Creme + Powder is made to have intense depth and the flashiest foil finish. You can wear it loose with the metal poser over cream shadow or alone on the face and eyes. The choice is yours. 

My Thoughts

This set which I got along with the Estee Edit Radiance Activator that I already reviewed comes in a white square cardboard box with black font and a blue accent. I was given the Black Star 01 color for review which is clearly marked on the outside of the box. Inside is a round white plastic container with a clear plastic base that's made to look like glass. The top of the contain her a portion that is shiny and reflective that I can't quite say I like. It looks like the product is damaged or dirty because it's grey on white even though I get that they were going for the look like on top of the box maybe they should have done a blue. Inside the top is a mirror and the creme shadow and if you twist off the bottom you can get to the powder shadow. 
Alright so the swatch for these two are the last lines. The Creme is the third line from the left and I can tell you I'm not happy with it at all. Because it applies so poorly it looks brown instead of the black that it is because I couldn't get a thick line even after I used a brush. It wants to clump and thick . The powder shadow though (fourth from the left) is a great loose powder, and looks really pretty on. t's almost all sparkle with just a bit of grey pigment. 

Verdict: I'm not really a big fan of the Estee Edit MetalliShadow. The Creme is terrible for both output and application as you can tell by the swatches and the powder is only okay. For $25 it isn't bad, but that along with the cheap packaging design just doesn't set it for me. You'd probably be better off with drug store eyeshadow then this due, and I don't say that about products (other than mascara) often. 


The Loose Powder is pretty

Cheap Look to the Packaging 
Bad Application
The Creme Eyeshadow isn't worth using

You can also take a look at my first impressions of the Estee Edit MetalliShadow in 01 Black Star where I had expected it to grow on me, but no such luck. 

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