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If you're a student you know that balancing a budget can be tough. Between books, your apartment, and those emergency school supplies you didn't even know you needed until right before a big project, but somehow are absolutely necessary if you want to pass, there is a huge drain on your money. So you have to cut back on buying things that you want because you don't have enough left in your budget. 

Luckily though there is something there to help, UNiDays. Their goal is to get the best and latest products to students for less, so you don't have to sacrifice as much for school. Signing up is super easy, and verifying your school only took a few minutes. They have offers and discounts from shops you actually shop at both online and in stores. When I first took a look at what shops they had deals for I couldn't believe it, and I was a little upset I hadn't discovered UNiDays sooner. 

For those of you going back to school (or starting in your first few weeks like me) this can be a great time to get new clothes, accessories, and even tech products. There's 30% off at Roxy's, for that swimsuit you know you need, for your makeup needs 15% off at Sigma, up to $200 off at Apple, and so many more. I can't even list all the clothing brands they have found discounts for students at. 

You can check them out (or download the app) HERE

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