Review: RevivHair Placed Booster Serum

My hair is super important to me, but unfortunately  I can't say that I have the best hair, or really even good hair. My natural color a level 7 blonde isn't that much fun (but that's what hair dye is for) and it's neither curly or straight. Worst of all though is the fact that I have thin hair, and it doesn't grow very fast.  Some of that thinness is natural and some is unfortunately caused by me fixing my "boring" hair. So when I was given the chance to try out the RevivHair Placed Booster Serum for thinning hair of course I said yes, because I know I need a boost although I wasn't exactly sure what this serum was going to be. 
In the past I've reviewed the RevivHair Stimulating Serum as well as the RevivSerums TelomErase both of which were heavy duty products that worked well, so I was very interested in trying out what this Biomimetic Oligopeptides product would do for me, and a little excited to try it out. This RevivHair Serum comes in a black cardboard product box with purple and white lettering. Inside are 5, 6 ml vials filled with the Placed Booster serum and one syringe for application which I could to be very interesting. The bottles are very similar to the packaging that circle lenses arrive in and actually quite hard to open, I had to actually use needle nose pliers to do it.

Verdict: After using just one bottle of the biomimetic oligopeptides in this RevivSerums set I can say I'm happy with the results so far. I've already seen noticeable results in thickness and it looks healthier.  If you're looking to really reduce hair loss and thicken your hair instead of non permanent fixes like extensions this is the way to go. And the price isn't too bad either if you're like me and apprehensive about spending a lot on beauty, because some of the fixes I've seen are so expensive. The only thing is, results can take a bit of time, and application is a little tricky your first few times although the syringe is super helpful. 


Actually Works
Long term solution

Application can be hard
Results take time

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