Review: Everpro Gray Away

As a twenty something you probably aren't surprised that I don't have grey hair (although my father did start to get his when he was in his early twenties) so it might seem a little odd that I'm reviewing a  product meant for gray hair, but the fact that it's as root touch up magnetic powder (something I'd never heard of) made me super interested in trying it out, and I recruited my mother as the test subject for this EverPro product. Although after trying it I realized that for those of you who have light colored hair you like to dye darker this would be great for you too. 

Per usual I'll start out with the packaging. It came in a pink cardboard box with a cut out insert so you can clearly see the product. At first I was a little worried how my product would be, because the cardboard box was slightly damaged from shipping, but luckily it was just fine. The set inside is in a matte plastic circular container with a mirror and powder on top, (with a handy pink ribbon to pull it up) and a twist off white powder sponge on the bottom. The color I was given is for light brown to medium blonde. 

Verdict: I'm happy to start out by saying that the powder doesn't have any sort of scent. I was a little worried it'd have something like a foundation smell, which would be especially gross in hair. Thanks to the powder sponge application is super easy and coverage is surprisingly good. I've previously tried the "eyeshadow trick" after having my hair dark brown for Brocato and thought this would be about the same but it's like ten times better. Best of all the price for the product is just under $9. I know my mom is happy I got it. 


Great Packaging
Full Coverage


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