Review: EVERPRO Back 2 Blonde Root Spray

As you might already know I like to dye my hair. I'm naturally a level 7 blonde, which is a dark blonde (think Blake Lively), but lately I've been loving the lightest blonde that isn't white. For years I'd done my natural or a shade lighter but since Wella made me platinum blonde I've been hooked. The problem is my roots, you'd think that since they're naturally blonde it wouldn't be so bad, but trust me it still is. It looks like I haven't washed the top of my head for two weeks straight. Of course though I don't want to be dying it every two weeks, so I was extremely excited to get to try out Back 2 Blonde. 

Alright so this product costs between $10-$15 and comes in at 4 oz. It comes in a yellow cardboard box and has black inserts. The front has the product picture as well last he Everpro name and Back 2 Blonde name as well. It also clearly shows the color of the hair in the background. Inside is the bottle with the same yellow, and has the color on the bottom of it. On the top is a white cap and underneath is a spray nozzle which is higher quality than I thought. To use shake well (there is one of those paint balls inside), and apply to clean dry hair. Hold can 4-5 inches from hair and move back and forth until roots are evenly covered, and let dry for 2-3 minutes. 

Verdict: I'll admit I was a little apprehensive when I first tried out this spray, more than a little worried it'd be light yellow spray paint. After doing a few test sprays I was easily able to apply it to my hair, so no worries if you aren't technically skilled, the only issue is pushing down the nozzle is a little hard. It smells great too, which was another worry of mine. As far as how it does, it covers roots easily, and doesn't look unnatural. The only issue I have though, is that while this is their lightest blonde, it's probably only a level 8, and very close to my natural color where's I need a level 10. For those of you have brown or black roots it will be perfect. It doesn't leave any weird residue, you can style your hair as normal afterwards and washing it out isn't any issue.

Good Coverage 
Nice Scent
Easy Application

Lightest Color Available is a Level 8


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