Review: Bamboo by Franck Olivier Perfume

I can honestly say that I've never been been that in to fragrances. I mean since high school (maybe middle school I can't quite remember) I've had one or two sitting around on my vanity or in my armoire and on a "special" occasion I might wear one of them, but never as an every day thing. So when The Fragrance Outlet offered to send me a fragrance of theirs to review I wasn't sure that I'd find something that I'd like. From shopping around their store though I found that in addition to selling a lot of luxury like fragrances, they also sell the name brand designer scents so I had plenty to choose from and ended up with a scent I really like. 
While I ordered online (I totally suggest looking for discounts if you're going to buy from them), and ended up with one of their exclusive fragrances, Bamboo by Franck Olivier. I believe it is inspired by a similar designer fragrance but regardless I love it as itself. When it arrived, inside of the shipping box, it was beautifully wrapped (more impressive even than my Farmacy Skincare Set), with a big bow, a white box and tissue paper. Inside in addition to the Bamboo Franck Olivier, were a few mini perfume samples and a $5 off coupon, both of which I thought were nice additions. Of course the most important part is the Bamboo fragrance that I ordered. It comes in a clear glass bottle with a bamboo imprint on the back and a silver twist off lid (with a spray nozzle underneath). The women's that I was given is pink, while the men's has a slight yellow hue. 

Verdict: The scent is fruity with a bit of flower mixed in. Violet, blackcurrant, and ivy are all noticeable in it. It's subtle and wearable for everyday, from work to school for a pleasant warm scent. Plus with the pretty bottle design and gorgeous wrapping it would make a great present for someone, or for yourself. 

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