Review: ARK Skin Essentials Pro Remove Pre Cleanse

One of the things I have the most trouble with is cleaning my face. Yes I know how bad that is, but while I'm pretty good at applying sunscreen, lotions and serums, cleaning just has never been my thing. Which might explain a few of my middle school breakouts. I just always feel like it's inconvenient, and dries out my skin, even if I know I need to use it. So when the people over at ARK offered to send me their Skin Essentials Pro Remover Pre Cleanse I was interested in trying it out, although with the phrase "pre cleanse" I wasn't really sure if this was a cleanser. 

I was given this ARK Skin Essentials product the same time that the Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturizer came in. This cleanser, or "pre cleanser" comes in a white cardboard box with grey accents and grey lettering. Inside is the white plastic tube with a twist off lid. Inside is an open hole for the dispenser, something I've seen on other skincare products but not one I'm a huge fan of. To use you apply dry (which I love), then massage into the face and neck before adding water to make a foam. Then rinse off with warm water. From there they recommend using their cleanser and moisturizer.

Verdict: Using this ARK Age Aware SkinCare  pre-cleanser was a little hard to apply. Even when I felt like I put plenty of water it was hard to get a lather. It did however feel good on my skin and washing it off wasn't too bad. I wouldn't call it a real cleanse but it does get off waterproof makeup which is a very good think. It is about  $60 though, which is pretty expensive especially since you're supposed to use an actual cleanser with it. 

Great ingredients
Gets off Waterproof Makeup

Extra Step in your routine

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