Martha Stewart's Vegetables, Book Review

Martha Stewart's Vegetables 
Inspired Recipes and Tips for Choosing, Cooking, and Enjoying the Freshest Seasonal Flavors

An Essential Resource for Every Cook

In this beautiful book, Martha Stewart - one of America's best known cooks, gardeners, and all-around vegetable lovers - provides home cooks with an indispensable resource for selecting, storing, preparing, and cooking from the garden and the market. The 150 recipes, many of which are vegetarian, highlight the flavors and textures of everyday favorites and uncommon varieties alike. Martha Stewart's Vegetables makes eating your greens (and reds and yellows and oranges, too!) more delicious than ever. 

Martha Stewart is America's most trusted lifestyle expert and teacher. Her first book, Entertaining, was published in 1982, and since then she has authored dozens of bestselling books on cooking, gardening, weddings, home keeping, and decorating, including Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts, Martha Stewart's Cooking School, Martha's American Food, One Pot, Clean Slate, and Martha Stewart's Appetizers. Martha Stewart has been widely recognized by the media industry for award-winning content, including numerous national magazine awards, multiple ASME awards for excellence in design and photography, nineteen Emmys, three James Beard Awards, and several Webby Awards. 

My Thoughts: While I'm not always the best at it, I love cooking. One thing that I've always thought though is that vegetables were boring. So when I saw that Martha Stewart had a book about cooking them I knew I had to check it out and was lucky enough for the publisher to give me a review copy. I love her magazine, and a lot of her work so I was super excited. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and all the food looks so inspirational. The descriptions are short and simple but give a good look into the food. The instructions are easy and I was happy to see that most of the ingredients were easy to find. I've found more than a few new ways to cook vegetables. If you liked Victuals Cookbook I know you'll for sure like Martha Stewart's Vegetables. 

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