Life Photos: Adoptable Cats, Christmas, Blood Donating

Time for some clearing out of my old phone photos. The first row (and into the second) is all full of cats that I saw at a pet supply store. They're all for adoption and come in on the weekend from the Humane Society, and let me tell you I could take all of them home with me. Then at the pet store they also had birds for sale which I managed to get a few photos of. Next is a photo of some clothing to show my friend what we had to take outfit photos with (you might have seen them in my 100 Acres fitness outfit) and then a backpack I wasn't sure how to style. After that there's my attempts at playing Game of War. I've previously done a review of Game of War and wanted to start playing again. Of course I ended up not so much loving it because some of the rules have changed, and it's quite easy to lose everything, and almost impossible to protect yourself. So I stopped playing again. After that is a photo of a star and then some message in Arabic I received on Facebook. It seems like every day I'm getting messages from arabic speakers, and I literally have no idea why. I don't do any hashtags or any posts that would attract them, but there they are, in larger numbers than english speaker messages. 

Then a random hat, followed by all the spices my friend uses for one meal, and a bracelet that I've been wearing lately. What's super cute in this row is my bird Elizabeth. I'd been sitting outside and she was inside and decided to fly over to the door to see if she could figure out what I was doing. Last in the row is an old picture of my cat Cricket.  In the next row is a frog at my grandparents and then a spider right by my door handle. Then Elizabeth eating ice-cream and two photos of my trip to Walmart a few weeks ago. I was going with my grandmother to get flowers and was surprised to see that they had Christmas trees already out.  Last is three photos of me donating blood. Like the funny questions, my iron test and the bag of blood. Then all the packages I got one day, although one ended up being for my dad and last is Cuddl Duds for my outfit

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