Food Photos: Taco Bell, Costco, + Home

Well, I'm here with another round of food photos. While looking at these photos, I've begun to realize I need to work on eating healthier even if I don't go back to being vegan like I once was. Simple things like cutting out candy (this is going to be super hard with halloween coming up) and eating more organic foods would probably help me out a lot. From a recent blood donation I found out everything is all good (blood pressure, cholesterol, iron levels) but there's always room for improvement. 

The first food photo is of my Taco Bell meal. One of my go to foods is the nacho bell grande and I can't help but love it because tomatoes, sour cream and cheese are all my type of things. I'm actually super excited because they're opening up a new Taco Bell right by my house. Actually maybe I should be so excited because as I mentioned above I'm trying to eat more healthy foods. Next is a hot dog from Costco, they have a cafeteria that's basically a place to try out their foods really cheap (great business idea) and I was impressed that you could get all the regular hot dog stuff on it. 

Then there are green beans from my backyard garden and a vegan dish that's also low histamine that I was making (like the Arabian Gulf Chicken Recipe)  for my friend. Then another Arab dish with rice that I didn't make and last a basic potato and carrot dinner. 

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