Derma E Hydrating Day Creme Review

My first step to getting better skin was wearing sunscreen. Since then I've done a little bit better even than that, making sure to keep my skin healthy. One of those steps is washing my face with a gentle cleanser each morning and night to keep down on the oil and especially blackheads that I get. The next step is after the cleanser and making sure I moisturize my face, something that can be a bit of trouble. I have a few moisturizers, but lately I haven't really liked any of them so I was excited to try out the Derma E hydrating day creme to see if it did any better, which would of course encourage me to use it. 

This day creme comes cardboard box with white and blue color and black lettering. I love that on the front it says that it is for dry and normal skin. Inside is a clear glass oval container with a white twist off lid. Around the middle is a sticker that matches the box, as well as one of their previous products I tried out, the Derma e Firming DMAE Eye Lift. Because that eye cream was great I did think that this  day creme would be a good product. 


Verdict: Although I personally prefer scentless products, I can say that I do like the slight smell that this lotion has, it is a bit like clean laundry. It is a pure white which is great if you're worried about pigmentation but most importantly it feels amazing. It's lightweight and absorbs well, and is great for under makeup like the Studio Gear Mineral Foundation. Overall I really like the Derma E Hydrating Day Creme. 

Pleasant Packaging 
Absorbs Well
Great Moisturization

Slightly Scented

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