Caturday: Carpet Kitty App Review

 It's Caturday which means it's my free day to share something about cats without having to explain myself any further. Since I don't have any recent cat pictures I thought of something even better, sharing a game that I've been playing called Carpet Kitty. Basically the objective of the game is to slide down carpets (tearing them as you do) collecting coins and scoring points. The later is done mostly by sliding down the carpets (faster for more points), popping bubble wrap and swiping off the rug and onto the next one at the right time to double your points. 

Gathering points isn't really the main objective of the game if you ask me. Every so often they do help you get a gift box that you can use for puzzle pieces or  to unlock cool skins for your cat, or sushi but after that the coins are way more important. You collect them, boosted with short term magnets. With the coins you can buy all kinds of stuff like sushi which is a life saver so you can continue playing and all kinds of accessories. You can get bows and necklaces, along with hats, and different cats. 

Overall it's a fun game and great to play, reminding me a little bit of StampedRun, however there are a few problems. First of all the ads are so annoying that play sometimes longer than I did the round. And since you're just sliding down carpets it can get repetitive, although popping the bubble wrap and dodging falling objects does make it better. But it is one of those games that is great for playing to destress or pass the time (like waiting at the doctor's office. 

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