Autumn Daytime Date Outfit Inspiration

Fall weather seems like it is finally here and hopefully it is going to stay cool. I've gotten more than a little tired of wearing shorts and tank tops or being super uncomfortable in more modest clothing because of the heat. So just like like my Sweater Outfit on Campus I wanted to share with you guys an outfit of the colder weather that's on it's way. Probably when it gets to freezing temperatures I'll be wanting autumn to go back into the summer but for now I'm loving it. This outfit inspiration is a modest autumn lunch date sprinkled with trends from what I've seen on the 2017 NYFW runway. It is perfect for going out with your friends for lunch and shopping or going on a "date date" during the day. cute-girls-outfit-school

Top - Unfortunately I couldn't find this exact top for sale online anymore but I did find an affordable similar one. I love that the one I picked has a dusty pink color perfect for transitioning into fall. The cuffed sleeves are elegant and the ring detail on the chest of the blouse is so unique. 

Jeans - Because this blouse is on the shorter end, I wanted to add in a pair of high waisted pants and ended up with these jeans. This keeps it modest and com I love the skinny leg and the medium wash is perfect for keeping the look chic. 

Tank - Because the shirt is cut so heavily into the front I added a tank top to go under it. While this is for modesty for me it is also a great fix for anyone wanting it for office or school wear. I did go with black to give the outfit a darker look, and the cropped top to keep the blouse flowing and comfortable. 

Bag - Grown up backpacks have quickly become my thing. I love this one because it is structured and has a leather feel. Plus the bottom zipper is so unique. I picked black to tie in with the rest of the look, and so the bag can transition to winter. 

Shoes - Last but not least the shoes that complete this look. Booties are always in for the Autumn / Fall season and 2016 is no different. These however are a little different as they're a low heel and are stylized a bit more like a men's shoe, except for the stringent pointed toe that sets them clearly in the women's department. 


To finish off this autumn / fall look I figured I could also add in makeup like I did for the Denim Jacket for Autumn outfit inspiration. I wanted to keep it simple, and although I think I might have gone a little far for your typical work or school wear it is just enough for an Autumn Day Date like going to lunch. Since I've been loving the Chanel brand lately I also did my top four picks from their collections, but as always you can find similar pieces in just about any makeup brand. 

Eyeshadow - To match with the dusty pink top I wanted to do a more subtle smokey eye. This one although a little expensive is perfect because of the mix of pinks and browns with a metallic silver. 

Lipstick - Red lips can be a little harsh, but now that we're getting into the cool weather I'm much more likely to brave the bolder colors and this warm red is perfect. In most cases pin and red don't match but with the dark undertones in the outfit this red will fit right in. 

Nail Polish - Originally I thought that I would add a nude or pink nail lacquer to this look but after adding in a red lip color I knew I had to go with the red. It is gorgeous and makes the look a bit more grown up. 

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