Arabian Gulf Chicken Salsa Recipe + Rice

It has been quite awhile since I've shared a recipe post with you guys and a lot has changed in my diet since then. While I'm still quite keen on cooking vegan food, I've now reverted to making vegetarian foods and even dishes that include meat, although this meal could easily substitute the chicken for tofu and be a vegan entree. This Chicken Salsa recipe is a little different in other ways though. 

First of all it is a middle eastern inspired dish (as you can see in the photo I even served this one sitting on the ground), especially taken from the Persian Arabian gulf, that has flavors reminiscent of eastern spices. Most importantly it is a low histamine food, for a friend of mine with dietary restrictions which was the main reason I wanted to share this dish with you guys. Originally I'd google searched for recipes for low histamine diets and low histamine meal planners and didn't really come up with much. Only recipes that would "sort of work" or you should just "substitute this instead" so when this low histamine Chicken Salsa recipe worked out well it gave me yet another reason to share it. 
Cook time - 45 minutes 

1 tomato 
1/4 large green bell pepper
1 can tomato paste
6 Baby Carrots
1 1/2 Large Onions 
2 Cups Basmati Rice
Vegetable Oil 
Chicken Breast

Spices (in order of amount used)
Curry Powder
Chicken Masala
Ground Black Pepper 
Red Chili

The first step is dicing the onions, and then frying them with vegetable oil until they're translucent. at the same time putting the rice in a pot to cook. While these are cooking the carrots, green paper and tomato can be cut as shown above. Once the onions are clear in color you can add in the cut vegetables and cook for five minutes on medium heat. Once this time is up add in the chicken which is cut into small square pieces, can of tomato paste and then the all the spices. Once the chicken is no longer pink in the middle (6-7 minutes) and the rice has absorbed all the water your Chicken Salsa is ready to go over the rice. 

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