Wearing a Denim Jacket this Autumn

I'm trying out something a little different for my style inspiration guides, and I'm not 100% sure that I like the new format. I did however want to share with you guys something I haven't done in awhile, a style post. I originally was going to do a guide on wearing a denim jacket, but I realized I'd already done a Denim Jacket Style Guide so I figured I could make this a style inspiration outfit specifically for wearing a denim jacket in the fall, because autumn will be here before you know it.  

Jacket - Of course the biggest part of this outfit is the denim jacket. While I've seen a lot of different designs and even 90's style bedazzled jackets, just like for my all denim outfit I wanted to go with a more traditional jacket. While I did go for a lighter wash (not acid!) I kept with the original cut and button styling so the outfit has a bit of vintage feel and is laid back. 

Leggings - For this look I couldn't decide between leggings and tights. Because it is a fall look I ended up going with the leggings so that it could be a little warmer but, this isn't your fitness sort of leggings so be sure to keep in mind that they shouldn't be worn with regular shirts. 

Dress - I'm absolutely loving this dress, and am only sad that it doesn't seem to be in stock anymore, but I did find a super similar one. it is just above the knees and the arms are at 3/4 both of which are great for a more modest and comfortable fit. Of course this makes it perfect for class or if you are at a casual workplace. 

Shoes - Last but not least are the shoes. While I don't think combat boots are as "in" as they used to be but for this look they're great. They'll give the look a little more of that 90's feel the denim jacket does (while clearly keeping it out of the western arena) and have a little heel to make your legs look super long with the leggings. 

To go with this look I also wanted to add in some late summer early autumn makeup that goes with my denim jacket outfit. Because I went with a simple outfit I thought I could do a little more makeup even if it is a daytime look. 

Foundation - For most days sunscreen and bb creme is enough but there are of course the days where that doesn't provide enough coverage for me. So for this look I though a matte foundation with a bit of SPF would be good. 

Nail Polish - As much as I love bright neon nails, the don't transition all that well into fall, where neutrals reign king. So I went with a simple sand colored lacquer from one of my favorite brands, Essie. 

Lipstick - Dark lip colors when done well, look stunning. Since this outfit has so much neutral going on I thought it would be perfect for this transition makeup piece.

Lashes - For the last of my beauty product top four for this denim jacket look (which is way different than a denim shirt look) I thought false lashes would be a nice touch. They're super feminine and do contrast nicely with the 90's grunge pieces this look has. 

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