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Lately I've been really busy (I know I've been saying that for the last couple of posts but I really mean it!) however I figured I could stop in and do a short blog post. And maybe in the next few days I can share what it is exactly that I've been up to. However TODAY I do have something that I can share with you guys, a company that I came across, As you know I'm a big fan of online shopping so it shouldn't come as any surprise that that's exactly what I was doing when I found their site. 

Originally I had went to their site looking for a fancy evening dress, and was impressed with their selection of elegant prom dresses to pick from. They have a huge variety of styles, from very formal (like a renaissance dress), to casual homecoming styles all of which were beautiful. The color and size selection were fantastic too, so no worries about awkward sized dresses (or paying a lot for a seamstress to fix it) and getting a dress in your favorite color. 

Of course though once I started looking around I saw that StyleWe doesn't just sell prom dresses. They sell a variety of cute tops, outerwear, skirts, pants, swimwear, handbags, and of course more casual dresses. I figured I could share a few of my favorites of the dresses that I like with you guys. One is quite formal while most are semi casual and one has an awesome street style vibe that I love. You can always check them out for yourself though, because for the designs and quality they're some of the best prices I've found. 

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