Review: MyChelle Beauty Key 3 Skincare Set

As you probably already know, skincare is extremely important to me. Having the best skincare products, is more important to me than the best hair care, or even having the best makeup. So I'm always looking for products (and testing them out to share with you guys) that will protect my skin, reduce aging and reverse damage that is already there, among a multitude of other skincare goals. So when the people over at MyChelle offered to send me their Beauty Key 3 Skincare Set, of course I said yes. I'd never heard of their brand, but looking at their products I saw that they totally fit into what I was looking for and I was interested to see if they lived up to the claims. 

  • Sun Shield SPF 28 - As someone who likes to stay as pale as possible (and avoid ALL the harmful UV rays) I was a little apprehensive about this sun screen only being SPF 28, however I was quite happy it is reef safe. For days I'm not going to be outside a lot, its great for under my makeup though. It's lightweight and feels good on my skin, and doesn't have that oh so popular sunscreen oder. As far as packaging goes I love that the lid is at the base making it super easy to get all the product out. 

  • Perfect C Serum - I'm no stranger to vitamin c, the past few years it's become a sort of staple in my skincare regiment so I was especially interested in trying out this serum to see if it really is "perfect". It does a great job of brightening my skin and getting rid of blemishes, and at 17% vitamin c it's a little stronger than what I normally have which is a very good thing. 

  • Remarkable Retinal Serum - In addition to applying a vitamin c serum, about every third day I will apply a retinal cream. Switching over to using the MyChelle version I noticed I was getting even better results. My skin felt more hydrated and since this serum also has plant stem cells it also repaired damage. 

Verdict: I love how everything is packaged, especially the serums. They have a metal bottle and a push down dispenser that is a pleasure to use. Plus all three of the products work, very well and won't bother even sensitive skin. They're easy to add into your routine, and will show immediate results as well as help you to fight the signs of aging in the future. As a little bit of a bonus with the MyChelle Beauty Key 3 Skincare set you also receive a small canvas makeup bag that is a fun addition, and would make the set perfect for a gift. The price is a bit high though considering the amount of product, if you're someone just getting into skincare. 

All inclusive skincare set
Non irritating 
Great Results

Price ($78.50)

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