Review: Farmacy Perennial Picks Skincare Discovery Kit

I feel like it's been a month since I've done a proper beauty review, but I have been testing out a few different products the past few weeks. I'm loving a few of them, but this Farmacy product especially stood out to me as a clear winner. Originally I thought it would be a great product because I've reviewed both the Farmacy Skin Dew and Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask and liked both of them, of course though this still meant I had to try it out myself, and see. 

First of all I have to talk about the packaging, because it is gorgeous. Mine was mailed to me for review by the company but if I'd seen it in Sephora (retail $45) I'd have had to pick it up, if not for myself then as a gift for a friend. The outside has cute green and pink sunflowers across the bottom and is all housed in a reusable metal tin. Inside are four different products for a variety of skincare needs. 
  • INVINCIBLE Root Cell Anti-Aging Serum  - From some of my previous reviews you probably already know that I love skin serums. This one is 8 ml (.27 fl oz) which is a bit small but for everyday application you don't need that much. The bottle is a clear glass, and has a white sticker around it. The lid in a plastic sliver unscrews from the bottle and is a unique dropper design. It feels very luxurious. The serum is clear and unscented. It goes on well and feels nice at nice. 
  • SLEEP TIGHT Renewing Night Treatment - Even better than the serum packaging is this Sleep Tight cream. The bottle is glass with white paint over it and the packaging. The twist off lid is a gorgeous wood grain, and the treatment inside is a slightly opaque yellow. It does have a slight medicinal scent but even on sensitive skin it feels fine. Great for applying after washing your face at night. 
  • RISE ‘N SHINE Daily Moisture Lock - The outside this moisturizer looks exactly like the night cream. It's lightweight and perfect for wearing under makeup and keeps my skin from drying out, even for all day wear. It's completely odorless and goes on easily in an off white color. 
  • NEW DAY Gentle Cleansing Grains - At 1.4 oz (40 grams) these cleaning grains are the biggest item in the Farmacy Perennial Picks Skincare Discovery Kit. If you've never heard of or used grains before they're for a rich exfoliation. These in particular are fine, and go into the skin well. 
Verdict: The whole kit is fantastic. I love each of the individual products, from the moisturizer to the cleaning products they easily fit into my daily routine. Either for yourself or as a gift for someone else (especially because the packaging is gorgeous) the Farmacy Perennial Picks Skincare Discovery Kit is a great skincare set, and one I'm happy to have gotten to try out.  

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