Review: Aquation Moisturizing Products

Normally I go for the beauty products that are in the mid rage prices, or between $25-$65 for skincare products. I've always found that this has a good balance between the cost, and the quality that I desire, so spending the little bit of extra money is fine because the results are well worth it to me. Because that's what I personally use, often you'll see that's the price rage of the reviews I do, with a few outliers. However when I was given this set of Aquation products to review I figured it might be fun to test out the brand and see how it compares. They each retail for $8.96 at Walmart, and contain a lot more product than most of the skincare I review so at the very least I though it'd be interesting. 
Moisturizing Cream - First of all this cream comes in a stout circular container with 16 oz.  When I opened up this aquation I was happy to see it is a pure white, and a little surprised that it wasn't super thick. I was expecting something like the Nivea Cream, but this is much lighter. It goes into the skin well, and isn't irritating but I wouldn't say it is soothing either. It provides a lot of moisture and will easily hydrate even very dry skin. 

Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser - When I first saw that they sent me a cleanser, I have to admit I cringed. I was very afraid of a budget cleanser because of damage. While this isn't a cleanser that's going to get out your waterproof makeup out, sweat and dirt will be no problem. It is clear and impressively doesn't have any sort of chemical smell. It isn't irritating and is a mild cleanser. 

Daily Moisturizing Lotion -Since the cream was thinner than I was expecting I wasn't sure what sort of consistency the Aquation lotion would have. It is almost a translucent white, and is so smooth it almost feels like water across the skin. It'd be perfect for hands and arms because there's no oily residue either. 

Verdict: All of these Aquation Moisturizing products come in plastic grey containers that have a a push down dispenser, around the middle is a white and blue sticker with product information. They aren't that pretty, but are very practical.  They're all made for any skin type, and state they're clinically proven for 24 hr hydration. They all work well, and are better than I expected for less than $9 each.

Pros - 
Cheap (and large quantity of product)
Cons - 
Packing isn't safety sealed
Isn't soothing

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