Food Photos: Cherry Ice Cream, Some Breakfast

Well before I get to far into this let me tell you a lot of these photos are before I started my new diet so coming up you won't see food quite like this. I'm totally going to miss it. The first row has a mac and cheese with hotdogs simple dinner followed by a salad at Noodles and Company. Then a weird meal of rice and chicken with corn on the cob (quite different than the low histamine chicken salsa recipe I just did), last in the row is potatoes green beans, homemade bread and tomato. 

The second row has roasted potatoes and carrots with sour cream. Than a breaded meal with tomato. Followed by lasagna with naan bread, and then strawberries. Then strawberry shortcake that was fantastic. The next photo is a lunch I had and then the next two photos are breakfast food that I had with my friend in Chicago. Then taco bell and last but to least a cherry flavored ice cream from Dairy Queen. 

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