FashionMia Dress Wish List

You probably already know this but I love shopping, like most girls (really people in general), especially online shopping. So it shouldn't be a surprise that to save money I look for the best deals possible when I'm buying things online especially clothing. I was especially interested in looking for affordable clothes, and searched for cheap dresses. One of the top results was FashionMia (you can click here to visit FashionMia) and when I clicked over to see what they had available I was impressed at all the clothing they had available of course including their cheap dresses. So I wanted to share a little wish list I made I made of those dresses from the FashionMia site. All of my picks are cute, affordable and of course things that I would totally wear. 

I put them above for you all to see. The first one is a neutral color wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves that I love. The just below the knees length is so flattering too. Next is a dress that's perfect for date night. It is white with black and red, floral design that's shaped like a heart. Then the last dress in the row that reminds me of a mermaid look. The blues are gorgeous and the white on the bottom will make you look taller. The second row starts with a dress that's great for work wear and then a blue feminine piece that's great for dress up. Last but not least in my picks is a dress that's perfect for a party. I love the geometric pattern and the pop of color. And none of them will break the bank. 

You can visit here for more cheap dresses and to find a few of your own favorites. 

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