Review: Luv Michael Original Granola

The older I get the more I realize I need to take care of my body. I started out simple, wearing sunscreen. Then I got on the skincare bandwagon, and have been using serums and lotions every night and most mornings. From there I've gone on to yoga, and lately I've been looking at healthy food. This started when I took a nutrition class and realized just how unhealthy a lot of the foods I was eating were. So when I heard about Luv Michael I was immediately interested. 
About the brand:

 Michael Kessaris is the inspiration for the non-profit Luv Michael. He is an 18 year old with autism who has a passion for cooking. Finding a career was not easy for Michael, a Port Washington, New York native. Despite his love of cooking, Michael was unable to enroll in culinary school without a high school diploma. Michael’s parents, both physicians, Lisa Liberatore, MD and Dimitri Kessaris, MD, helped create the food based business so that their son and others with autism would be active participants in society and lead happy, productive lives. 

The idea was born to make a healthy, quality product that could provide income and a career for both Michael and other individuals with autism. Education is critical to Luv Michael’s mission and a custom curriculum is being created to foster learning and teach key skills to help those enrolled become employable. 

The package I was given is the simple 2 oz Original Granola that's gluten free, nut free, dairy free, Non GMO and made of organic ingredients. It is an individual serving and is 200 calories which if you ask me isn't bad at all. And as far as taste goes... I really like it. It's a great snack to carry around, especially if your'e like me and in school or do fitness actives. For sure recommend especially if you're into healthy living like I am.

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