Face Photos: Summer School, Sunglasses + a ghutra

Finally my summer classes are done. It would be reason to celebrate but, I just started back at regular school. Luckily this is my last year so it won't be for too much longer I have to deal with homework and tests. But anyways... Before my first class (turbo machinery) I was cleaning out my phone of selfies, and figured I could share some. 

In the first row is one of those "I'm a gangster in a hoodie" selfies where you're supposed to be intimidated. Then one of those in school snaps. The next two I'm wearing sunglasses that are my friends. They don't quite fit but I love aviators. The next row has a photo of me in some government office where I went with a friend. It thought it'd be like ten minutes and we'd get lunch, but it was like an hour. Then another pair of cool sunglasses and regular "tech guy glasses), followed by a selfie where I think my hair looks fantastic (from the day I went to the Justin Moore Album Promotion). The blonde color, and the curls. This of course has to be balanced out in the next row by the terrible selfie. 

Most of the rest (except the awkward photo at the end) are me wearing traditional Arab (specifically Saudi) clothing. The first two with a thawb which wasn't all that comfortable, probably because it's more of made for a man's shape than a woman's. Then my favorite part of the outfit the headpiece (ghutra) that I totally wanted to wear out. 

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